Moel Famau GW/NW-044, in a sunny gale! 11/06/22

Being on a short break in wales, and having activated the nearest summits to where we stay previously I was at a bit of a loose end. anyhow, the XYL was hatching a plan to drag me to the weekend market at Towyn so i needed a plan, FAST!! after a twitter post, and a reply, Moel Famau GW/NW-044 was suggested as a relatively easy 2 pointer, and with the threat of a market in mind… i was off!

A 40 min drive from Towyn had me to the car park. on the way there i could see the tower looming on the hilltop.

Anyway, the walk up is a decent well marked track, with some fantastic views across and down the valley to the sea…

Continuing up the track, its about an hours walk (definitely less if you not fat and unfit like me)…

the only way is up!

Anyway, at the summit stands the remains of Jubilee tower, and a rather colourful Trig point, im led to believe it has been painted for the eistefodd that recently took place in the area.

It was at that point, i noticed a roach pole attached to the fence… DANG IT! someones beaten me too it, and sure enough attached to the other end of the pole was a radio ham! (My apologies, i have forgotten your name and callsign) anyway, after exchanging pleasantries, i found he was working HF, i was going to work VHF so no problem! i set up on the fence, out of the wind and started calling CQ after spotting… Made 4 calls (LKC being the final) and DISASTER the gale force winds brought my antenna down! so after a short break to sort it out, i was back on the air 4 or 5 mins later!

14 contacts in total, with a nice s2s with Tom MQ1EYP on Gun G/SP-013 made for a pleasant activation! another 2 points, and a trig point in the bag!


Quick explore of the tower after a butty, and the obligatory selfies…

and the road back down again…

Brilliant afternoon, but im running low on easy North welsh summits now! haha

Thanks to all the chasers as usual, its great to hear you all!

And i hope to catch you all again on the air soon!

Alan - 2W0JWA