Moegel Dellinger ?

On this moment 8:00 utc I can’t hear one radio station between 5.5MHz and 13.5MHz.

73 Chris

Hi Chris, strange ! here worked DL6AP/P and G4WSB/P ! and copied @DD5LP working Bill too !
73, Éric

Hi Chris, as Eric says, I worked Bill at 08:22 UTC. He wasn’t nearly as strong as usual though. I think the band was short skip as he was working lots of G and the low countries I think. I was hearing Italian and French stations at a good strength though.
40m has been strange today, did things get better for you later Chris?

73 Ed.

Yes, false alarm. 2h later on my summit the band was fine. And at 13 utc the 10m band opens with strong signal from GB.

73 Chris


“Moegel Dellinger ?”

Maybe. Today I was using an alternative site near a village and far away from a city. I like this place because of low QRM. After switching on my TRX at 11 UTC there was very low QRM, indeed, but also very low traffic on 40 m and 20 m :roll_eyes:. I heard only a few weak stations.

Some hours later the situation was better but not very good.

And now, from the late afternoon, 10 m is wide open. I guess from the same event on the sun.

73 Ludwig