Mobile sota alerting

Hi All,
I have heard about SOTA-Lite (Light?) for self spotting whilst activating. My mobile is internet capable, where do I point the browser please? Mobile spotting would help loads as I often manage a quick /P operation between meetings whilst driving around the Country…
Tim - G4YTD

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Hi Tim
You want SOTAwatch3
Hope to have a contact sometime

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I find it’s just as easy to point the full mobile browser on my phone at the normal alert page. Just fill in the boxes as if I was at home. Takes a moment longer using the teeny keyboard. All of Sotawatch works fine, including following links from the summit pages to OS maps and Geograph pictures. But it depends on the phone/browser, it’s fine on my Nokia 6120 Classic, YMMV.


Hi Andy
Very true although if you are in a low speed area I do find “lite” a bit quicker to download. Also if you are on a PAYG it may be cheaper to access. A while back I was without broadband for a couple of weeks and had to go back to dial up (ugh). I found Spotlite a much quicker way to get the information I needed.
Whatever works!

Thanks all, That was a fast response. Tried it out on my 6300, no problem.
Cheers all.