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Mobile Phone - Useful Information


In reply to MM0FMF:

True True. I find that if you read something sounding even remotely fishy, it can be good to copy and paste a chunk of it into google and wrap it in “quotation marks”. That’ll tend to highlight anything that has been uploaded to the “debunking” websites quite rapidly.

That said, I still receive the odd email from people who ought to know lots better promising me that if I read a whole load of characters, cross my toes and pray to the gods of MSN, count to 23 and press F6 I’ll find out who my true love is, and I’ll even get to meet them if I forward it on to 6.3 billion people =)

Steve M0SGB: Sounds like you might be bringing a whole different understanding to the words “Slim Jim”, Hi.


Dave, 2W0BYA