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Just wondering if there is a facility on the data base to search for my callsign to confirm details of contacts? i.e. when I am mobile and chase a summit, sometimes I am unable to log the details because I am driving, sometimes I forget the details of the contact and therefore cannot complete the log. I have only 2 or three outstanding entrys like this but every point counts. Any ideas?

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No, there’s no facility to list all the activators who have logged a contact with you.


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Perhaps an old fashioned solution :wink: A recorder, even a tape recorder! Or something more ‘modern’?


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Hi Mike,

Notwithstanding the legality of using a hand held device whilst driving, most mobile phones can record audio or video so that would be one (dodgy) option.

Occasionally I have chased activators while mobile on the bike & usually manage to remember either who I have worked, or which summit I have chased, or both. Making a quick mental note of the time I usually have enough info to write down the details at the next opportunity.

To the OP, sorry I don’t know your name but you must have an idea of the date, & an idea of which summit or activator you were chasing.

If you know the activator then a quick check of their log should give you all you need. If you only remember the summit & the day, then look at the activation history for that summit & then check the relevant activators log.

As Andy says, there is no facility to see who has logged you.

As you only have a small number of chases to check the manual searching method shouldn’t be too onerous.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Hello Mark,

"…most mobile phones can record audio or video so that would be one (dodgy) option. "

I don’t know about such things. I have had a Nokia 3310 which I think I have had for about 8 years. On standby the battery lasts about 2 weeks so that does for me 8)I just use it to receive phone calls and sometimes a text.


I think a recorder might be an option, as for remembering if I remembered I wouldn’t be in this mess :wink:


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The lowest tech solution is a biro somewhere handy, even behind your ear, then when you have a contact just note the summit ref. on your wrist, later you can get all the necessary from the activators log. You can find this because spots are kept available for 72 hours, so look for that summit spotted at about the right time and you will find who it was and access his log. If you have to wait more than 72 hours you will find the most recent activations listed on the summit page. Simples!

Brian G8ADD

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You can find this because spots are kept available for 72 hours,

and the rest!

I don’t know how far you can go back, but I’ve just checked my S2Ss from last week as I couldn’t decipher my writing!
Simply replace the xxx with the number of hours you need to go back here

eg for 300 hours


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my Samsung phone has a Note Pad app thingy I put stuff in at times.
just don’t do it driving log the callsign and utc time then get the summit reference off the spot list when you get home.
drive safely
de Ian vk5cz …