MMMonVHF will spot the SOTA VHF-activities

Hi SOTA freaks,

will be always interesting to see your efforts and so MMMonVHF
will provide to spot the SOTA-activities at the VHf-DX-Portal

We will try to spot as much SOTA VHF-activities to get the VHF-DXer
available when you are walking around. With small rig on VHF/UHF it
shall be nice to work over several kms when there is a VHF-DXer
listening for you! So they will be warned with the spot at MMMonVHF,
that you are on your way!

Please have a look around at the VHF-DX-Portal. There are several
tools which might be usefull for you as well. We did set up a
Visual BEACON-MAP at last, based on the LA0BY-Base: 

as well as latest VHF-Propagation news…

You are very welcome at MMMonVHF and we do hope, you are able
to send us NEWS when you see something interesting on VHF and
make use from now on the tools at our VHF-DX-Portal.
To get in touch with us again please use:

kind regards, hpe cuagn on VHF…
Guy, DL8EBW, Team of MMMonVHF