MML 50/100 Circuit diagram

A wild shot here…

Does anyone have a circuit diagram for a Microwave Modules MML 50/100 power amplifier. This is a 50MHz version of the MML 144/100. Mine is fine on TX, the 817 at 5w drives it to 70W out. But there is something iffy with the RF vox and preamp.

Looking inside, the PCB says 144/100 but the coils are far too big for 2m so it looks like MM used the same PCB but with different components. I’m guessing the VOX maybe the same or very similar on all types (50/70/144) of this PA and I have a 144 circuit. It would be nice to have the 50MHz version though.

This is the later version. These have a silver front panel with black lettering compared with the earlier versions which had black panels with white writing or the ancient versions which has a sort of brown/yellow colour scheme.

If you can help please get in touch.