MM3WJZ, a new Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Iain MM3WJZ on becoming a Mountain Goat.
Well done and a cracking hill to break 1000pt from.

Bobby GM7GAX

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You beat me to it Bobby. I saw Iain spotted on Ben Cruachan yesterday but when I checked the database later I didn’t see any update. So I held back from announcing his goatdom just in case there’d been a problem.

Anyway, well done on goating yourself on one of the proper mountains we have up here.

Andy, MM0FMF

Congratulations Iain on achieving the Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Yes well done iain, what on earth did i let loose out there!!
Seems a long time since we did your first activation on holyhead mountain.

23cm of snow here wimps i know but unusual for sw lancs.

Rgds keith G0OXV

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Well done Iain!,great to work you again yesterday and glad you achieved your mountain goat status in style with a cracking activation on Ben Cruachan.


Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat Iain.



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Congratulations Iain,
73, Frank

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Well done Iain on reaching Mountain Goat and all QRP too.
Best of joy with activations to come
David M0YDH

Congratulations Iain.

Caroline M3ZCB

Hi Iain

Yes well done indeed for getting to be a goat. Can just remember (if I rattle the old grey matter hard enough) meeting you but as you can appreciate it was not the best of days to be hanging about chatting to people.

All the best

Neil 2M0NCM

A truly excellent achievement Iain. Well done indeed! I have real respect for your mountaineering skills and what a summit on which to break through the 1000 point barrier!

It is always a real pleasure to work you S2S on 2m or 70cms - I hope for many more the same. I’m sure that you won’t let achieving Goatdom affect your future strategy, such that we will continue to see you activating summits for many years to come.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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And a very well done from me as well.
Officially an old goat! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Iain, well deserved.



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Well done, Iain, you’ve joined a pedigree herd!


Brian G8ADD

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Well done Iain

Definitely more “Mountain” than “Goat” in your case!

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to all:

Wow, thanks for all your kind words, obviously no sneaking past when no one was looking then. Well I’ve had a lot of fun getting there. I’m sure I’ve said it a few times from the summits but the game only works because lots of you are out there listening for the “CQ Sota”, so thanks to all those who’ve taken the time to work me on any of my activations, you making the time to listen for me is much appreciated.

Ben Cruachan sort of nominated itself for the job, I’d been up before pre-sota but it’d been on my “list” for over a year - I’m easily distracted. The weather was forecast to be best in the west, it was much more fun than Christmas shopping and I decided it would be quite a fitting summit, oh and I could pass Tyndrum on the way home and stop at the cafe for a pint of tea and a venision and haggis burger - just the job.

Keith - Yes, I remember Holyhead Mountain too, reckon I was pretty nervous on the mic that day, but thanks for pushing me in the direction of Sota. Re the snow: Aye I saw the Standish junction on the news and was pleased I wasn’t trying to get to the Lakes.

Jimmy - Thanks and I don’t think you’ll be too far behind either, best of luck.

Neil - That day on Ben More/Stob Binnian certainly wasn’t one to be hanging around. I think that bealach was one of the windiest places I’ve ever been. Good effort on Craiglee by the way, I think I only managed 1 contact on 2m on my attempt, certainly didn’t qualify it.

Gerald - Yes always enjoy getting the s2s and you’re right on the money, I’ll still be out activating, lots more hills to play on. I’ve been a bit like a kit in a sweet shop recently with moving to Glasgow but Adrian MM0DHY, summed it up for me on another thread, in that it’s not about the points, I just love being out in the mountains and playing sota I get to talk to lots of nice folks from the top of the hill.

Thanks for your support,

Seasons Greetings and stay safe if you’re out playing on the hills.

73, Iain MM3WJZ

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Well done Iain, looking forward to hearing you again from those cold windy places ,good luck

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Belated congratulations Iain, I look forward to working you again very soon.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Well done Iain, always a pleasure to speak to you on the radio. All the best for the New Year. Roddy 2m0iob.