MM0USU - Shack Sloth

Congratulations to Andy (MM0USU) in becoming a shack sloth. I was pleased to help him update his records and found he is already a shack sloth twice over but had never bothered updating his records and contacts!
Well done and hope all goes well with your current health problems.
Ken. MM0KCD.

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Well done andy keep up the good work,
Dave M3XIE

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Well done Andy.
Many thanks for so many calls on 2 and 6 metres.
Keep up the good work!

73, Robin, GM7PKT.

Congratulations Andy on achieving Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M(V)0HGY

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Well done Andy and tks Ken for helping Andy out. I was always intrigued why Andy never went for his award. I knew he had no doubt achieved ‘Shack Sloth’ a long time ago and your help has certainly shown that! (And that’s only to the end of 2008 - triple or quadruple Shack Sloth to come?)

Great work guys!

Es 73

Jack (:>J

Well done, Andy.
It’s always good to speak with you when I’m oot’n’aboot. Looking forward to many more QSO’s.

Bobby GM7GAX

Congratulations Andy.

Always good to hear your cheery voice especially on a chankin’ winter activation.

Here’s to many more QSO’s, take care.

Neil 2M0NCM

Well done Andy!
Always nice to know there are keen chasers out there like yourself.
Many thanks for all previous contacts and hope to have many more.


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Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy qualified for “shack sloth-worked only GM7PKT/P” if the log gets current.

Well done Andy and hope to work you again when I’m looking for that fourth contact from a freezing, wind blasted summit.
(Or any other time for that matter)

Iain, M3WJZ

Congratulations Andy. Thanks for lots of contacts around the country but especially on the cold and windy Scottish summits in the spring (?) of 2013.
Happy chasing,

to all

Many thanks for the congratulations and a special thanks to Ken MM0KCD for helping me out with the logs,its thanks to all the activators who brave the elements to get the points they are indeed my heroes, heres to lots more contacts in the future.

73 Andy MM0USU

(p.s. well done Graeme on the new callsign)

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(p.s. well done Graeme on the new callsign)

Congratulations Graeme - bit off topic, I wonder if you realise that your new callsign suffix has a bit of historic amateur significance? Charlie GM3HLQ was a weel kent amateur who lived in Strathaven. He was one of the 80M GB2RS Newsreaders during the 60’s and 70’s. Being a shortwave listener I used to tune dutifully most Sundays to listen to the News (only on 80M at that time of course). He had a fair sized following.

Also. He was member of my first radio club - The Radio Club of Scotland - Woodlands Road, Glasgow. He considered himself one the ‘elite’ amateurs and as such had no time for Class B licencees unless you learnt morse - specifically from him. Unfortunately his morse wasn’t that good and I have duly suffered since - hi!


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Well done Andy, nice to work you on the occasions that I find myself on a summit. You have also just kicked me out of the GM top 10 grrrrrrrr… Never mind, I must try harder now :-).

Roddy 2m0iob.

Congratulations Graeme on getting your Full license.

Jimmy M(V)0HGY

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Dont like to take the credit away from Andy on this post but thanks for the comments from everyone regarding my new call.

Jack-I wasn’t aware of the significance until i spoke to jimmy GM3UWX earlier this evening and commented straight away on GM3HLQ being a famous call sign from this part of the world.

Hopefully it wont be too long before i can head for the hills and air off the new call-sign.


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Hi Andy,

Just back from holiday so belated congratulations on achieving shack sloth status. Always great to hear you and looking forward to many more contacts.

Best 73s