MM0SNA's first activation along with 1296 and Gerald, G4OIG

Sorry for the short notice but Gerald G4OIG and I (M0SNA aka W6PNG) will attempt to activate a couple of Southern Scotland peaks tomorrow.

Candidates are;
Minch Moor SOTA Summits
Black Hill SOTA Summits

I’ll try 2m SSB (KX3 & 35 watt amp) into a 4 element Yagi plus 1296Mhz using SG-Labs transverter hanging off my KX3 with a rather puny 2 element Yagi.

I think Gerald is planing HF CW but details to follow.

Paul M0SNA and W6PNG

I will be using my second callsign GM8CXK/P on this outing with Paul. My primary bands will be 60m and 30m, though if Paul is using 2m, I may slip onto 40m CW. Hoping to work a good number of chasers.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

Well your time of 0930Z is 1130 local for me. That gives me enough time to pickup the car and get moving along the motorways out toward Kradec Hralove where there are some drive on summits. An S2S is looking possible.

Time for bed as I have to be up at 0445 tomorrow to get the coach from Dresden to Prague. Still it’s running from the hotel door to the airport terminal and breakfast is provided to take along with us.

Up, coach, sleep, airport, car, drive, SOTA… sounds like a plan to me! :slight_smile:

Andy in hot and humid Dresdren.

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Hradec Kralove Andy, must have been a tough conference.

See you, Gerald and Paul on HF later hopefully!

73 de Phil

It was annoying to see Paul’s spots and be on the wrong bands. Gerald appeared later on 60m. I hung about a bit in case 30m was an option but no. I needed to move on to grab another summit close by and then drive another hour or so. It’s 1500 local now and I was up at 0440 local to get the coach taking everyone back to Prague Airport. Just about to hit some local shops and then something to eat early on and some sleep!

Unfortunately I missed your 30m session Andy. I found you on 7.183MHz under heavy QRM which prevented me receiving anything better than Q2 copy. I just got your call to confirm it was you by listening very intently. I moved to CW in the hope that you might come and find me, but in hindsight this was the wrong move as the ensuing pile up was huge and strong, indeed one call produced a 28 QSO run. 40m was certainly singing yesterday.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

I haven’t experienced such ferocious chasing on 40m for along time. I was a bit shocked by how many were calling me at the same time. So I can understand your predicament. Just one of those thatgot away.

Beer here in OK-land is a bit good!

Really pleased to make contact from both summits Phil. Getting in early on 40m CW was certainly advantageous as the 599 brigade arrived immediately after we signed. It was fortunate that trying to lure Andy onto CW kept me on 40m and not 30m as I had originally intended. Mind you, we have managed contacts on 30m in the past.

The contact on 60m SSB when I was on Black Hill was part of another extended run which I reckon is the largest that I have ever experienced on the band - 26 QSOs in all. It was a pleasure to speak to many friends around the UK, something normally I don’t get to do when using the higher frequencies.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK