MM/K7ATN on Arthur's Seat

Activating Arthur’s Seat (GM/SS-272) on Friday afternoon.
Check my alert for any updates. Weather dependent of course.
A new association for me.
I will be delighted to work those nearby on 145.500 or 145.550-FM.

Watch out for a strange character wearing a SOTA ballcap who may or may not be sitting up on the summit awaiting your arrival! That was my experience at least!

Sorry Andy if I have ruined your ambush plans :smiling_imp:


I think you’ll find Etienne knows that hat very well! WX looks like it might be OK but sadly I think I’m not only at work but have stuff scheduled that may be impossible to get out of.

Oh well, better luck with the next visitor.


Arthur’s Seat My Old Playground
When I was younger , seems like ages ago we used to live close to Arthur’s Seat it was our playground for many years, also Duddingston Loch close by, where we used to go fishing in our summer holidays. But that was in another lifetime.
Do they still have the firing range there, I doubt it now what with health & safety.
Enjoy the activation, it is only on VHF ?.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

I will have HF CW with me, as well as a VHF HT.
It would be good to work some G and GM stations from a summit here!

Hi Etienne
Yes, I shall try to be a round this afternoon and shall try to get you on the bands.
Good luck… wx looks OK just now; hope it keeps for the rest of the day.

Morning K7ATN
Unfortunately my CW is not up to scratch at present, but still working on it, ( there is always another day)
Cheers Ken G0FEX