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Mixed results with low SFI

On Saturday, Mo was out for a meal in Ballater. Rather than head home after dropping her off, I nipped up Craigendarroch GM/ES-078 and was on the air (60m,40m,80m SSB) from around 1900 to 2000. I heard no one and no one heard me.

Did anyone on here here me?

Fast forward to this afternoon (1415-1515) on Lord Arthur’s Hill GM/ES-062 and I had a great time of it!

OK, the SFI is down, but the kp index has been flat these past few days too. The only differences were the height of the hill (minor) and the time of day. Maybe I’m missing something.

The best part of The Craigendarroch tale is the villagers all discussing on their local Facebook page, all wondering what the strange bright light on the hill was. Mo had some explaining to do at the dinner table, as her friends were all talking about it too. (Small town!)

I actually had a lot of fun though…

73, Fraser


An excellent wee hill. I think you were there at the best time as it was like Piccadilly Circus when I was on the summit. But not the best time for radio.

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Yes, given it’s a 20 minute drive from home and then a short walk, there’s no excuse not to go back. I’ll try 0600 next time! The dewalt lamp won’t be making a reappearance though!

I was convinced I’d make contacts on the lower bands though…

PS Lord Arthur’s Seat is a pleasant hike on steady grades with pine and Scots pine along the way. Decent grassy track all the way to the large summit shelter.

I saw the spot but there was no sign of your signal on 80 or 40


Thanks Paul :+1:

Hi Fraser, I bet you were a bit disappointed with the no contacts :disappointed:. A nuisance forgetting the power cable for the amp; did you forget to plug the antenna in too? :smiley: :smiley:

Great torch and very useful. Better luck next time.

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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Brilliant video, many thanks. An Oscar winner based on cold pizza and dead bands. :slight_smile:

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Geoff, it was a nuisance. I took the amp today too. Remembered the power cable, forgot the coax this time…


Thanks for contact Fraser. Am surprised at the photo though as I expected you to be buried in snow.
Best 73

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Wow some torch is that lol

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Great to get you in the log from Lord Arthur’s Seat Allen. You were weak with QSB, but you’ve got a distinctive voice and I recognised it in the pileup.

Oh and a couple of days at 6°C and the snow has had a fair shift on the lower hills. I’m sure it will be back though!

Cheers, Fraser

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I did take a listen for you on both HF and 2m yesterday afternoon but nothing heard in NE Fife.



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Thanks Andy. You must have been the only person listening on 2m! I didn’t have any joy,despite clear path all the way down to Aberdeen.

73, Fraser

Fraser, what I want to know is… where is the white stuff? I’m hoping to get up your way at the end of the week (well almost), so you’d better batten down the hatches! :wink:

Gerald, There has been a bit of a thaw. However the higher summits are still plastered but who knows for how long? 4°C and sunshine for Ben Macdui this weekend!. Then it’s due to get colder, with more snow forecast next week.

Where are you headed?

I’ve worked up a few options. Max value for the distance driven will probably be Meall Corranaich GM/CS-010 + Meall a’Choire Leith CS-041 near Ben Lawers, but the ground may be too boggy due to the mild weather. Other options are Mealna Letter GM/ES-043 + Mount Blair GM/ES-035 or Ben Gulabin GM/CS-077 + Monamenach GM/ES-028. The head torch is already packed. :grinning:

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I suspect it will be! You need something with a nice track up to the snowline. Or a ridge.

Well you’ll be hoping there’s no snow on the road to the old Ben Lawers visitor centre AWD and winter tyres or not on your car. It’s not maintained much after the end of October IIRC. The classic route is from the monument and follow the fence posts till you start to climb. It was a bogfest after summer when I did it. The route from Corranaich to a’Choire Leith is good walking (but don’t take the wrong ridge). It’s back from there to the road that can make the first boggy bit look drier than Gobi Desert :slight_smile: Don’t want to do that in the dark either!.

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Yes, that is another concern. Bogfest in daylight is one thing, in the dark another. It took 3 days for my boots to dry out after the Rhinog Fach return last month. I seem to be attracted to the stuff - not sure why. :thinking:

It looks like I’ll be best leaving Corranaich and a’Choire Leith until a more favourable time of year and earn my bonus points on less onerous summits, as much as I want to increase my points total. A few nights stay at one of the Perth Travelodges would facilitate some serious points gathering in the Lawers area.


Antenna direction is matter. If you pointed your antenna to East - there is a chance that somebody will hear your signal. If you will beam it to the north - chances will reduced.