Mission statement 28th March -10th April

Mar 28 - Apr 2 some DCs Main target 001
Apr 4 - Apr 9 some SCs Main target Undecided

Freq - 3.666/5.3985/7.118/14.285/28.500ssb 70.45/145.500 FM


WX dependent.

Alerts and Spots if coverage.

This sounds spookily similar to the plans Jimmy and I have for the summer. Especially considering that you were stalking us around Northern Scotland last year!

Have fun, and save us some chasers for the DCs/SCs.


In reply to M1EYP:

Probably Scotland in the summer again:0)

In reply to GW7AAV:

Hope to do DC-001 High Wilhays tomorrow Sunday 28th. Have net access so will alert before we leave.

Rain, rain, sleet, hail and more rain. The WX is abominable with snow on the moors. Play suspended for now. Thanks to those who worked us on Kit Hill DC-003 before we got rained off. Looks as if the missing DCs might have to wait until another year. :0(

Steve GW7AAV