Mission: impossible? Not! But quite a hard :)

According to my chaser log, today I have reached 100 uniques in 11 DXCC countries. Yes, I know, it’s not a great figure compared to Roy G4SSH, but not too bad for few months of chasing :). The local noise very often is 599+20 dB by S-meter on 7 MHz, and it is really the problem - I’ve got points for only 2 of many CW activations during 2 last days. Sometimes conditions are much more quiet, but it is completely unpredictable. The next target “Shack Sloth” seems to be quite a challenge :).

Many thanks to all activators! GL with your SOTA activity!

73! Alex UT4FJ

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Congrats Alex!
I will see you all the time.

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Szia Feri!

10 of my uniques are activated by you :). TNX & CU!

73! Alex UT4FJ

Congratulations Alex on getting 100 chaser uniques.

Jimmy M3EYP

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FB Well done Alex!

Are other bands less noisy for you? …and I assume 20m might be better to QSO to the Ukraine from summits here in the South of England? If so, I’ll bear it in mind.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Hi Alex

Congratulations on gaining the 100 Uniques Award.

SOTA is not a level playing field, so do not attempt to compare your score with other chasers who may have vastly superior locations, equipment, experience or more spare time when compared with yourself.

Be proud of your achievement. Your 100 Unique chaser points is an indication of YOUR success at YOUR QTH, using YOUR equipment overcoming S9 noise in Odessa. No other chaser will have the same conditions or difficulties as yourself.

The biggest problem facing any chaser is the background noise level. You are faced with the task of reading a weak and fading QRP signal in spite of QRN QRM and QSB, which sometimes can seem an imposible task.

You have reached the first rung of the ladder in spite of those difficulties. Again, my congratulations. The Shack Sloth Tropy will come in time, it may just take a little longer at your location.

73 Good Chasing

I agree Marc. UK activators looking to work Ukraine based chasers should try 20m CW. Stations from Ukraine usually outnumber everywhere else put together in my log when I activate on 20m CW. I wonder if we will see a UR association sometime? It would be nice.

I will do 20m CW activation from G/SP-015 tomorrow morning, specially for Ukraine chasers (and anyone else who hears me of course!).


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Hi Tom,

Hearing you here right now, but about 339 on peaks between QSB. Will try to catch a proper moment :).

73! Alex UT4FJ

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Hi Roy,

Thanks for wise words. Yes, I agree, it is neither a competition and nor any kind of envy :). It is just a kind of frustration when I know that I can’t do almost anything to beat unwanted and unpredictable noise. The only idea I got - I should try some /P operation time to time. I want to have a real peace of the United Kingdom in my shack, and so, I WILL have it :). The Shack Sloth is only ‘a question of time’.

73! Alex, ex UB4JFJ, FISTS #678

I heard you each time you called in Alex. But I guessed the QSB was wiping me out with you. I got your report no problem, and sent you mine. However, I didn’t hear you after I sent my report, so don’t know if you got it OK.

Only two UR stations called me today!


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Unfortunately, no QSO this morning - I missed your report. Thank you for this attempt.

73! Alex UT4FJ

Thank you for trying Alex. I should be on 20m CW again one morning later this week.


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I just had a day off today :). I will be at work next 4 days. No problem, we both can see that QSO is possible :).

73! Alex