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Missing "DL/" prefix on some of my spots today

Dear all

Hadn’t used my common device today to spot my activations . . . and missed the “DL/” prefix on some of them. So I had activated from Germany and not from HB9. The summit references had been correct as well as the traffic on the frequency. I’m sorry for this.

The ridge hike today around the Hörnergruppe summits was joyful, despite escaping from the rain and catching it on the last summit all the same. But the whole round from Bolsterlang to Grasgehren takes its time although you can always overlook the whole trail. Nice targets for our Flora-and-Fauna-friends with lots of Turk’s cap lilies and marsh orchids and wetlands.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Hi Markus,thanks for the activations.
No problem with the prefix I always look at the sota ref to confirm
the appropriate country call.
No rain for Devon today sunshine and cloud.73 Don G0RQL.

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Sorry I missed you today Markus during my activations. Wonrg band, or wrong place at wrong time hihi!

I had to beat a hasty retreat on my last (Petit Ballon VO-082) after just 8 QSOs on 40m CW - due to heavy rain. All the gear got soaked and we both got wet legs as we were wearing shorts today. The radio stayed dry though as I can operate it inside a transparent topped small bag I have.

I may get you tomorrow - I hope the weather here in the Vosges improves, three more summits planned as part of a 8 Km circular walk if the WX allows. Thank you for several of the FL/VO GPX tracks you lodged in the SMP. I found them very useful. FL/ VO-172 was an “unknown quantity” though, no information and only activated twice, but we went there today and found a nice easy route which I will import into the SMP.

Pleased to work Chris F/ON6ZQ/P today for S2S on FL/NO-141. This is the stand alone summit near to Boulogne. Been wanting to chase it for ages from home and missed it on several occasions. Working Chris today will mean a detour will need to be made on our last day so I can activate that as the last SOTA Complete on my tour! Thanks Chris.

73 Phil

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I wrote the spotter I was using and was blindy spotting myself as MM0FMF/P when I was operating as MS0TA/P. I think that is a bigger amount of fail than missing the DL/ from the call :slight_smile:

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Enjoy collecting your completes, Phil, knowing that I cannot contribute since you hadn’t been here in Upper Allgäu. Changed today’s program due to possible rain in Kleinwalsertal and now going out in the northern surroundings of our location Obermaiselstein.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ