Missed S2S with M1CJE on G/SC-008

I had three lovely activations today of Callow Hill (G/WB-015), Burrow (G/WB-014) and View Edge (G/WB-018). Burrrow is lovely this time of year with the bluebells and I made a lovely circular walk of it from Hopesay. It is not a high summit but you do need to concentrate on your map reading otherwise you may never escape from it! Upon tuning up, I heard Andrew, M1CJE, on Win Green, G/SC-008 - about 52 but 42-32 with QSB. I called S2S but with no avail, using Wouxun 2m handie and 5W into a vertical dipole. I brought out the Yaesu 857 “big guns” but then could not hear M1CJE anywhere so assume Andrew must have packed up. A shame as Win Green would have been a SOTA Complete as well as S2S. Maybe next time Andrew. I did manage S2S with G4HQB on G/WB-006, Caer Caradoc.

Alastair Hopkins, MoTYM


Hi Alastair, sorry I missed you yesterday on Win Green. I did hear one station deep in the noise that I could’t quite work, perhaps that was you? Anyway it was really great to be able to get out on the hills again. I also activated SC-007 earlier that day. Hopefully I will catch you on another summit soon.
Andrew - M1CJE