Ministra EA1/SO-026

I’m going to drive to Madrid with my wife tomorrow for a friend’s birthday & wedding anniversary party.
I’ve identified a very easy summit very near to the highway approximately half way between our QTH and Madrid and I’m going to ask my wife for “permission” to do a quick activation of Ministra EA1/SO-026.
There are wind generators there and I fear some QRM problems but I hope it won’t be on all bands. After looking at satellite images of that area, I have the feel that I’ll be able to get to the AZ by car driving along the wind generators service road.
Should this be the case, the activation shouldn’t take any long so I hope my wife will agree and I’ll be able to activate an EA1/SO summit for you and for me too ;-).
I don’t know yet whether my wife will give me her OK and assuming she will do so, whether it will be for Saturday, on our way to Madrid, or Sunday, on our way back home.
I’ll try to keep you informed as soon as I have some news.
Crossed fingers :wink:
73 de Guru

On a first approach, the beginning of Sunday afternoon seems to be the most probable.
This means Sunday, Dec 13th at about 13h30 utc (TBC)

The activator log has just been uploaded into the database.
45 QSOs and 4 S2S.
Since this activation has been totally unexpected for me until a couple of days ago and pretty much improvised, I feel vert glad now for having been able to do it today.
Thanks dear chasers for your calls, spots and nice company.
Thanks to my wife for letting me do what for her is "my crazy SOTA thing"
I hope to post here a proper activation report sometime later.