Mini G/SC Expedition - Day 4

Day 3: Mini G/SC Expedition - Day 3

Last week I spent 3 days in G/SC activating 4 summits in the Minehead area. Today I drove into Dorset to activate G/SC-013, Nine Barrow Down.

I parked at the Studland View car park at SZ 006818. From here you have to walk about 200m along a busy road. I wasn’t looking forward to this but found a narrow path on the north side of the road which allows you to keep away from the worst of the traffic.

The start of the path to the summit is here. Keep left once you are through the stile. There is a substantial metal stile here as well which I went through by mistake. The wooden stile is the one you want. :slight_smile:

The summit is covered in paths which are firmly fenced on both sides. I have read the farmer here gets upset if you stray from the paths, so I set up as close to the summit I could - on the path. The town on the right of this photo is Swanage.

I started on 30m and had 4 QSOs before it went quiet. Not a lot numerically but 2 of them were S2S! The first was with Robert, operating as HB9/M0VFC/P from HB/BL-004. My CW must be slowly getting better as I managed, after a few false starts, to log his callsign, although it was reassuring to confirm it by checking his spot on Sotawatch afterwards. :slight_smile: The second S2S was with Dominic HB9CZF/P on HB/AG-007, a summit which earned me a “Craig” award when I uploaded the log. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t hopeful changing to 7m SSB as it hasn’t been a good band on my recent activations but after calling CQ a few times, and almost giving up, replies started to come in and 9 QSOs were logged with generally reasonable signal reports. A final burst on 15m SSB brought in 3 more distant QSOs at which point the heat and sun suggested it was time to close down.

A view of Poole Harbour from the path to the summit.

I was parked next to this and I think I showed great restraint by NOT buying anything from it. :slight_smile:

A 15 minute drive took me to the Caravan Club site near Swanage. This is the view from my pitch.

The hill on the left, above the caravan, is G/SC-013. It is possible to walk to the summit from the site entirely on footpaths - but it is nearly 5km and a non-starter for me in this heat!

Map of QSOs, many thanks to all operators. :slight_smile:

Lewesdon Hill G/SC-009 is tomorrow’s target - if I can find somewhere to park the 'van near it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for another great report and photos John! I was parked up in the car doing some chasing for a short time this afternoon. I could just about hear you when you were on 40m and tried a few calls, but no joy. Ah well, next time!

I’m afraid I succumbed to the temptations of the ice cream van when I activated this summit! :grin:

Good luck with the next one!

73, Matthew M0JSB


When I saw you were on Nine Barrow Down, I had immediate recollection of my day down in that area even though it was almost 14 years ago. Your photo of the summit was the same as in my mind… I’m sure you used the same fence post. :wink: Unfortunately I was away from home, so there was no way to checking whether I could copy you.

73, Gerald


Gerald, it’s not the most demanding or taxing of summits but the views of the sea and coast make it a pleasant one to activate in good weather. I was on about the highest point of the path and you probably chose the same place or very close.



Day 5: Mini G/SC Expedition - Day 5


Indeed… I was doing a bit of this from there. :grinning:

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I didn’t bring my 2m antenna with me on this trip but I think it would be a good summit to try to reach into France and possible southern Germany on VHF. Also good looking north of course. I can’t reach very far north from my home QTH because Dartmoor is in the way. :slight_smile:


Had a quick look at my log. Best DX on 2m and 70cm was Graham G3OHC who was near Selby in East Yorkshire. I worked nothing south, but I probably didn’t point the beam that way. I ran SSB and CW only as that was my MO at the time. It was a 3 summit day in August 2009 with Swyre Head SC-012 the early morning misty one and Black Down SE-003 on the return leg. I remember all 3 summits well. :grinning: