Milestones in fantastic day - 27/06/2020

It was a beautiful SOTA day with huge activity. All the Swiss Cantons were present and the hunters very numerous. :+1:

After my recovery in 2016-7 and more seriously in 2018 I had set myself the goal of reaching 5000 summits starting from the number 928 ! :roll_eyes:

My working conditions at that time were an Icom IC-706 Mk1 5W with a Windom FD4 antenna and a multi doublet (20m-30m-40m), but given the success of the SOTA program and the increase in chasers, I stopped the QRP at the end of August 2018 running now 100W ! Here was my last worked QRP summit :

25 December 2019 my old IC-706 has been replaced by a brand new IC-7300 and the 13 February 2020 the multi doublet was modified (20m-30m-60m)

Back now to this fantastic day 27/06/2020. Started early at 06:32Z with Boris @9A2GA and ended at 16:35Z with Einar @TF3EK on FT8, I had to be away between 11:03 and 15:50 to go buy a new pair of glasses, and yes we are getting older … :crazy_face:

So you’re going to ask me why this day was special ?

  • First : because after 23 days 2 months and 2 years I went from 928 to 5005 unique peaks!
  • Second : worked for my 5000 milestone Vlado @Z35M at E7/Z35M/P on E7/BO-003, Bjelašnica !

E7BO003 Z35M
So you’re going to ask me why this contact is special ? :sweat_smile:

Because this photo :

That’s me in Bjelašnica E7/BO-003 meddle 1998 making UN radio but no Hamradio, yes was 22 years ago !
I’m sure the TV tower has returned to its original position since ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s not much but I wanted to share my joy with you !

73 Éric F5JKK


Very nice story, Éric. Thanks for sharing.
I can easily understand your excitement about the coincidence of working that special Bjelašnica summit for your 5000 uniques milestone 22 years after you were there “at work”.
Congrats for such great achievement! :clap: :clap: :clap:



Souvenirs ! Souvenirs !
My day started later because my job but I could QSO few stations :wink:
Jirka has changed his callsign … now OK2OP

73 Roger