Milestone activation!

No, it wasn’t my 1000th activator point (that’s never going to happen!)nor was it my 100th activation (although I have done 70 odd), it was my first activation as a Senior Citizen!
It was my birthday yesterday so what better way to complete the weekend than indulging in my three favourite pastimes, hill walking, amateur radio and contesting.
I went to Moel y Gamelin, NW-042 for the RSGB 4m contest and had a very enjoyable morning. The views on the way up at 0900 were stunning with brilliant sunshine and mist filled valleys, trouble was the camera was at home!
Had 51 contacts (exactly the same as last year from the same site) including four S2S, Roger G4OWG/P on LD-050, Ian 2E0EDX/P on LD-015, Simon M1AVV/P on LD-049 and Keith G8HXE/P on NP-005.
Simon was also taking part in the contest and was putting out a very potent signal.
Many thanks to all chasers who called me and thanks to Stewart G0LGS for the spot (unsolicited btw!)
Hopefully there is still plenty of mileage left in the old legs (and ticker) to do many more activations!

Best wishes to all,


In reply to GW4EVX:

If only I’d known, I would have wished you a happy Birthday along with the fine report I gave you in today’s 4m contest :slight_smile:

I am certain there are many more miles, & summits, left in your “old legs” Ron!

I hope you enjoyed your Birthday & have lots of fun for many years to come :slight_smile:

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to GW4EVX:
Many happy returns for yesterday.
Thanks for the 4m contest QSO from NW-042 and the 2 SOTA chaser points.
I think this was my first SOTA contact on 4m.
I have looked for you in the 4m contests many times in the past but the propagation path from my valley bottom QTH has never been favorable until yesterday. So yesterday was a special day for me too.
Enjoy the free bus pass ! or perhaps you don’t get them in Wales.
I have the bus pass (which isn’t valid in Wales)but have to wait another 6 months before becoming an OAP!(perish the thought).
SOTA activations help to keep me feeling young depite the advancing years.
Best 73’s
David G3RDQ

In reply to G3RDQ:
Hi David,

Glad the rf was able to make it to the bottom of your valley!
Yes, we have the free bus scheme in Wales and I have had mine for five years now and make regular use of it.
I keep meaning to travel by bus to do an activation but have not got round to it as yet!

Best wishes,