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Mike Reaches a Major Goal

Congratulations Mike, quite an achievement.
30k is not far off now either.

Next challenge is chase all GM (I guess we had better get off our collective bottoms and activate them all so that you can)

Barry GM4TOE

Well done Mike. I am always pleased with the support you offer when I am on the summits, your a credit to chasers…

Sharon my xyl, would also like to express her congratulations to you Mike, well done.

I understand that Mike would like to convey his thanks to all those that have posted a response in this forum, but is currently unable to do so even via any other person.

In reply to 2E0PXW:
Hi Barry,
That takes some doing! I’ve never really thought about it but I hadn’t yet cottoned on to the fact the’d all been on the air, never mind a single person working all of them. Furthermore, I know he’s got ‘one or two’ chaser points but Mike’s an op who is relatively new to it. That’s dedication.

Certain tops must be exceedingly rare in the activation stakes; seldom activated. For the ‘low’ ones Mike must have had to rely on HF activations only which at times can be in the minority in the UK. So yes, it is a good achievement involving hundreds or even a thousand hours in front of the radio & spots screen. I don’t know how Mike manages to find time to activate in addition!

Well done to Mike (& many thanks to him for the QSO’s last Sunday, especially the ones on 160!)

73, John YSS

In reply to G1SHM:

Hi Stuart

Nice to see you resurrecting that old callsign or have you relinquished the G0LGS one?



In reply to G1SHM:

I understand that Mike would like to convey his thanks to all those
that have posted a response in this forum, but is currently unable to
do so even via any other person.

If anyone is wondering what this comment refers to, it was myself that conveyed Mike’s thanks here on the reflector. As I felt that it was inappropriate to alter the wording of Mike’s message, I presented the original form. There was nothing contentious in the message - it was just a note of thanks. My post was subsequently deleted and so far I have not been officially afforded the courtesy of an explanation as to why the action was taken. In addition I have received what I consider to be a direct threat, in that if I reposted a message of thanks I was told that I would be banned from this reflector.

Under the circumstances I am annoyed by the action that has been taken without formal explanation and I have had to review my position in relation to SOTA and, in particular, my input to this website. Having slept on the matter I have decided to continue in the programme, but that I no longer wish to post on this reflector. In future my activation reports will only be posted on the SOTAforum. I would apologise in advance to anyone affected by this decision.

73, Gerald G4OIG


I have held both calls for many years and will continue to do so. I did let G1SHM lapse for a number of years after first getting G0LGS, but re-instated it around 10 years ago.

Since taking the 12WPM Morse test in 1986 I have mainly used G0LGS, but G1SHM does still get used too (along with a few club calls that I have used in various contests in the last 2-3 years).

Stewart (Stu)

In reply to 2E0PXW:

I would like to be the first to congratulate Mike GW0DSP. Mike has
reached one of his last remaining goals as SOTA’s top chaser. Today at
14:30 Mike successfully worked Derek G1ZJQ/P on G/SB-010 and has now
chased every single summit in England, Wales and the Isle of Man. Well
done Mike on an amazing achievement.

Hi Mike

What a fantastic achievement in such a short space of time, the standard has now been set. I’m sure others will wish also to now emulate your achievement and have fun in doing so. From an activators point of view, your always there when that fourth contact is required and never let the activator down, ever concerned also with the safety of the activator! Good luck in achieving your future goals within SOTA and Adventure Radio.

As Peter says “my hat off” Mr SOTA.

Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to G4OIG:

Far from not having “been afforded the courtesy of an explanation”, you were given an explanation where it was requested, on the Sotaforum, reply #27 at 05:43:26 PM, and later following your request, by PEM. As for the direct threat, I said that in reposting a message which had been deleted in moderation (as you had suggested in an earlier post in that place) you ran the risk of exclusion. In heaven’s name, what else would you expect? If a post had proved unacceptable the first time round, there is no possible reason to expect that it would be any more acceptable the second time around, but the difference is that the second time around you post it KNOWING that it is unacceptable. This is reasonable grounds for exclusion. Note, however, that I only said “ran the risk of exclusion”, as I would have deleted the second posting and then contacted you directly requesting that you desist.

With regard to the post itself, and for the benefit of other people who may be wondering about it, the post directly quoted a message from a person who unfortunately had to be excluded from the reflector. If a person is banned from using the reflector directly, it is only logical that his use of the reflector via an intermediary will not be accepted. This was evidently appreciated by G1SHM, who found a neat way around it.

The “attitude” that you express annoyance at is in fact perfectly reasonable but if you wish to withdraw from the reflector that is your priviledge.


Brian G8ADD, Moderator.