Mike KE5AKL 10K Goat

A great big congrats to Mike for achieving 10,000 activator points yesterday on W5N/SC-005 (Benson Ridge). You are a great example to us all, Mike.
Charlie NJ7V


Well done Mike @KE5AKL and that’s a stunning achievement.


Great Job Mike!! Glad I worked you S2S on that peak.
Tim - K5DEZ

WOW! Congratulations on 10K! Awesome!

Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations Mike that is a lot of summits.
Jeff K6QCB

Awesome accomplishment Mike, Congrats!!
73 Gary W5ODS

Congratulations, Mike!
And thanks for the 335 contacts to date.
Looking for many more.
73, Walt

Congratulations Mike, a huge effort to make 10K!
Made my day to chase you for the big one.

Truly amazing Mike! Looking forward to logging many more of your activations!
Keith KR7RK

Awesome accomplishment.
Glad the bands cooperated and I got to work you on the big one.
73 Gary

Congrats Mike!
And thanks for all the QSOs/summits!
John, K6YK

Way to put New Mexico on the map. Congratulations, Brian, NM5BG

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Awesome achievement Mike. Glad I was able to get a S2S contact with you on that day. Looking for many more SOTA contacts with you.

Gary A.

Excellent work Mike!
Scott kw4jm

Ken and Kay, Tucson

Outstanding Mike! Congrats, and thanks for all the contacts.




Congratulations, Mike!
Making an S2S with you on this auspicious day was excellent motivation for a pre-work activation.
Here’s to many more.

David N6AN

Thanks everyone. It was a pretty epic activation. Turned out I was on the air for 4 hours and made 104 Qs with 13 S2S contacts and a couple of EU Qs. So thanks to all the chasers who worked me that day and during all the 1078 activations that went into those 10K points.

It was also my birthday! I was down in Alamogordo visiting my daughter and family and later that evening we had a very enjoyable get together - so a pretty good day all around.

73 and Thanks Again,

Mike - ke5akl


Fantastic accomplishment, Mike! Congratulations and glad you were able to combine the epic activation with family activities. 73 and CU on the summits!

Paul - CT7/K9PM

CONGRATULATIONS Mike! Awesome accomplishment!
Many times in the log. Hopefully many more!
de John Paul // AB4PP