Midges and Ros Castle activation

If interested in my recent outing in north England that prompted my midge thread then check out the Ros Castle entry at www.w6png.wordpress.com

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Hi Paul

Thanks for the account of your activation of G/SB-009 and pictures. Particularly interested as that area is now high on our ‘to do’ list but will probably be Sep/Oct when, hopefully, the wee beasties will have disappeared. Incidentally ‘Oh So Soft’ is our favoured repellant but we mostly try to avoid them by travelling early or late in the year. Sorry to see that your handy on 2m fm let you down as I will be hoping to qualify those hills with a 5w Yaesu VX-7R (and dipole) and also on 70cm if possible. However the most important question - where was the pub with excellent lunch?? I look forward to further instalments.
73 M6BWA Viki


Usually my Yaesu is reliable and my biggest grouse is its unintuitive (for me) interface especially the button sequences. When it goes wonky my random sequences of pushes just digs a deeper hole for me.

We ate at the Salmon Inn in East Ord outside of Berwick upon Tweed and while the interior is OK I did find the Sunday lunch very tasty, generous portions and reasonably priced.

Of all the “local” to Berwick upon Tweed places we have been to, we really like the Cross Keys pub in Paxton (just over border in Scotland). That I recommend unequivocally!!

Paul M/W6PNG

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