Mid Wales - a SOTA jewel

Jimmy and I had activated every summit in G/DC, G/SC, G/SE, G/CE, G/TW, G/SB, G/SP, G/NP, G/LD, G/WB, GD/GD, GJ/JE, GU/GU, GI/MM, GI/AH, GI/SM, GI/SW, GI/CA, GW/SW, GW/NW, and for that matter, PA/PA and LX/LX.

An anomaly was GW/MW where we had a whopping 22 summits left. Well that’s now down to 8 after a super six days away. The reports and photos will go on http://sotasummits.co.uk next week, but for the uninitiated, I just wanted to point out the beauty of this region, which before last week had not really enjoyed proportional attention from us.

We stayed in Newbridge on Wye, and so obviously the summits were generally in that vicinity. The walks were lovely. The scenery was stunning. The hidden valleys you drive through to get to parking spots are breathtakingly beautiful.

And the pub. The New Inn in Newbridge-on-Wye. Best SOTA pub ever. Friendliest pub in Wales. Possibly friendliest in the World. Family run by Sian, Katie and team, and by the time we left we felt part of that family. Good Welsh Double Dragon Ale. Great hearty food - steak and ale pie, faggots, chips and mushy peas etc - all delicious and cooked to order. Proper homemade chips and huge gravy boats.

One day we even phoned to say we wouldn’t make it for dinner until 9pm. They said no problem and still offered us the full menu.

So, I know plenty of people already know this, but it is still something of “SOTA’s best kept secret”. But do spend some time around Newbridge topping up your GW/MW uniques and relaxing in the New Inn. Tell them Tom and Jimmy sent you!


Isn’t that Newbridge-on-Wye, near Llandrindod Wells?

Beautiful area, nonetheless!

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You’re not wrong there

With MW and SW within between 20- 60 miles, compared to NW at 80-100miles and of course the beauty of the former, you can see why most of my activations in Wales have been focused there!

I must clear some uniques myself



Hi James,

You are correct that it was Newbridge-on-Wye where we stayed at.

Jimmy M0HGY

That, and other typos now corrected. Shout up any more you see!

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I may be mistaken, but I think “Sharne” is more likely to be spelled as “Sian”

(Born in Cheshire, lived in Yorkshire for the last 31 years).


Nick G8VNW

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I think you are correct Nick that the spelling should be Sian.

Jimmy M0HGY

Confirmed that it is Sian. A teaching colleague’s XYL is ‘Sharne’ so I didn’t consider the other spelling!

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