Mid and North Wales activations

A good list from the weekend:

  • GW/MW-001
  • GW/MW-007
  • GW/MW-008
  • GW/NW-050

It was a great pleasure to get so many summit-to-summit QSOs and to accompany Gerald, MW0WML, whilst he won his Shack Sloth (without any shack) up Gyrn Ddu!

Blog report here:

Mid Wales Expedition

Thanks everyone.



Hi Simon

Thanks for the s2s on Sunday. You already know how surprised I was when you popped up on the same summit as Gerald…thank you both. I believe also that you reached a 1000 points (Silver) for s2s contacts so well done.

Thanks for your link to your blog and the comprehensive reporting of your activations over the weekend…it was enough for us just to do MW-007 and MW-008 a report of which is on my blog http://gw4vpx.blogspot.co.uk It’s a shame that our intended mass activations never worked out but hopefully we can organise something for the summer.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Thanks for the S2S, Simon. I was glad to hear you as I was struggling for contacts at that point - it seemed to get busier from that point forwards, but mostly SOTA operators. Nice route description. 73 Neil MW0ECX

Hi Neil. Yes, thanks for the S2S. Shame I couldn’t get up Drosgol soon enough for another!

Except for a couple in the distance on Pumlumon I saw not a soul all day. So I presume you must have come on and off Banc Llechwedd mawr on the west side? Is it any less boggy that way? :smile:


Thanks Allan.

Yes, I hope we can have a good get together. I don’t think I can equal that Primus. I must look in the loft for my hexamine stove!

Did the microphone fix itself since?

No doubt John MW0XOT will pop up and tell us it’s not a Primus (it’s his) nevertheless it did the trick :slight_smile:

It was a new Yaesu Mic and my spare is a cheapy bought on e-bay as a summit stand-by. I think I’ll let a certain emporium check out the mic as it is still under warranty so I’ll drop it off when passing. Have replaced the faulty one from stock :smile:

73 Allan

Hi Simon

Thanks for all the S2S (sorry we didn’t catch you on 001 but I don’t get out of bed early enough!!) and just sorry we couldn’t arrange to meet. As expected, we couldn’t repeat your feat (feet?) the next day of doing MW-007, 008 and also 001 as we ran out of daylight (for the descent) somewhere above 600m so had to turn round and join the tea party on the road beneath. I feel your technique of doing the highest first was tactically better but we preferred the idea of a fairly obvious path and then a track to get us back to the car if darkness was falling.

Good to hear you on Gyrn Ddu on Sunday and thank you, not only for so willingly, once again, changing aerials to talk to me on 70cm as well as 2m, but lending your gear to Gerald so that he could join in on 70cm. My ambition on Sunday had been to qualify MW-007/8 on 70cm as I hadn’t succeeded the year before and this time there was no problem thanks to the many S2S available (GW4VPX, MW0XOT, G7HEM) and also G6DGU, MW3DLA, MW0WEE in the Cardigan direction. Thanks to you and GW4VPX for the excellent photos and descriptions.

Hearty congratulations to MW0WML on becoming a shack-less Sloth! I remember there was some discussion some years ago, when Mike 2E0YYY achieved this by only logging S2S chases, as to what the title should be and I think Summit Sloth was the final conclusion. (Am I right?) Not sure how many people can claim this award but I don’t think there are too many of us.

73 Viki M6BWA

Hi Viki.

It’s always a pleasure to make a summit-to-summit with you. Typically our reports are a couple of S points lower on 70cm than 2m I think, so I should probably do something to improve my end, as there is room on the pole for something bigger. I will have to have a think about that.

I’ve always liked 70cm. On my first day starting university I stopped off en-route with my dad to buy an FT790 (never had the 290). With a Yagi made out of straightened-out coat-hanger wire and a piece of wood for the boom my best DX from my bell tower in IO91 was Winter Hill - 228 km - most gratifying. The 790 is ready and waiting for any forthcoming electric-handbag special.

Yes, I thought I’d better get MW-001 out of the way first. The going on the frozen ground earlier in the day was a lot better than after things warmed up a little.

Not sure I want to face the local traffic chaos this weekend (we have had a few inches of snow), but I hope to catch you again later in the month.