Microwave DX from Mount Diablo W6/CC-045

Microwave - Today I activated Mount Diablo W6/CC-045 in the first rain in the past 40 days. My goal was to increase my microwave DX. Previously I had achieved 142 Km from Mount Vaca (W6/NC-151). Today I was able to increase my DX to 245 KM working K6MYC in Friant, CA from Mount Diablo (W6/CC-045). K6MYC is Mike - the founder of M2 Antennas and the M in KLM antennas. I used my KX3 (2Watts) to drive a SG-LABS 23cm transverter (2 watts) with a 10 element yagi. Although I had a height advantage I believe K6MYC was doing the heavy lifting with a stacked array of 23cm antennas that he designed and manufactured! Many thanks to WA6AXX for setting up the sked for this contact.