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Microwave award?

After reading the October news, I read about the Microwave Award, which, never having anything that could TX above 70cm, I’d never really taken any notice about.
However, having acquired, and used an HT for 23cm on an activation, I can’t see any way of inputting any data (other than the normal activator data) for any ‘microwave’ QSOs.
I’ve tried a search on the fora, but can’t see anything regarding this. Have I missed something?




If you read through the many posts you get to one where the extra information you need to put in the comments is explained. If you have this data and the band is 23cms or higher then the microwave score distance is calculated.

If you have problems making it work with your logs, mail or PM me and we can sort it out.

Thanks Andy,

Yes I completely missed that you need to put the chaser’s locator square in the comments eg. %QRA%IO82XX%

Done that now, and the entries are now seen in the microwave activator log.



112km… you can claim an award!

What handy did you acquire? I have an old Icom X21AT 70/23 unit that sadly has expired and an Alinco DJ-G7 2/70/23 unit.

[quote=“MM0FMF, post:4, topic:13971”]
112km… you can claim an award!
[/quote]I know :slight_smile:
I have the ALINCO DJ-G7E Started the QSO on ‘full power’ and then we both turned the power down to low power, and finished the QSO, probably helped by the time of day, and other conditions. This was all done with the stock rubber duck too.

Bit miffed that the 2nd was only 47km though :stuck_out_tongue:

Failed to raise anyone else on 23CMs since!