MEXICO Activation

We just start with the first SOTA ACTIVATION of the country in the peak XE2 / NL-462 in the so-called “El Pinal” mountain part of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, next October 14, from 4 to 7 pm UTC (11 to 14 hours time center XE). The XE2NL callsign will operate with the following operators: Rolando XE2WR, Heriberto XE2NBK, José XE2NRG, Raúl XE2XX, Ramiro XE2NBL, Alfonso XE2O and Chuy XE2N. It is intended to operate in the bands of 6, 10, 20 and 40 mts, in the following modes SSB, FT8, FSK144 and CW. In addition, the telemetry with APRS, being able to contact the expedition by message. Any change will be adviced here.


I’m looking forward to your activation, and possibly achieving a summit to summit contact!
Peter KD0YOB

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Hello Chuy,
Looking forward to chasing your group if near a radio. Am 750 miles / 1200 KM from Monterrey, so 40, 30 and maybe 20M should work fine.
Landed at Monterrey in my small plane in the 1970’s, and remember how beautiful the mountains were in the late afternoon.
All best, Ken K6HPX
Tucson, Arizona

Hope to catch you guys from a summit here in Southern California.
Best wishes and good luck with your activation.

73, Dan NA6MG
Los Angeles, CA

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Thanks so much for posting this announcement, I’ll try to make contact. Good Luck.

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The Mexican team have been activating the summit for a while now on 14.285 giving the opportunity to many chasers to make qso with the first XE summit.
Good job guys ! :wink:
Thanks for contact.


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Thank you very much for activating from the new XE Association! I was so very happy to log you on 20m SSB this morning from my mobile station in Tucson, AZ.

Good luck and I’m looking forward to logging many more SOTA contacts with our friends to the South.

Keith KR7RK

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Thanks for the activation and the qso. It’s kind of stunning that this is the 1st Mexico activation.

Happy to be a small part of the first activation, and looking forward to many more.
Best 73 to all.

Congratulations on new association, and also on the first activation. Any word on XE license/reciprocity. Would love to travel to Mexico and activate, but the info I have found is not promising.
Doug de W1DMH

I spoke with Jose about this when establishing XE1. Apparentoy you need to apply for an XE callsign via their association. Jose should ve able to help you out with this. There are details in the XE1 ARM or email Jose. I hope this helps.

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Hi. I am considering to visit XE1 in 2 weeks time. Not sure if I can make it within this period of time for the permit. I was trying to find the info in ARM, but I cannot even find the ARM.

Is there anyone here who obtained XE operating permit? If so, would you please share any hints, particularly on the below?

  1. Where can I find XE1 ARM?
  2. How can I apply for a temporary permit? I do not know Spanish.
  3. Is this possible at all within 2-3 weeks time to obtain one?
  4. Any hints on XE1 summits security? Is it safe to go alone?

Thank you in advance…

Saludos Chuy:

Acá empapándonos de lo referente al SOTA para ir viendo como activar los primeros de la zona XE3. Ya hay muchos puntos sobre todo en Tabasco y Oaxaca! :smiley: Supongo luego de Faros, le pondremos más atención para planear.