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Message for G4JZF


Hello All,

I’ve been trying to email Graham G4JZF about my upcoming trip to Canna in case it can be of any use to WAB chasers. Unfortunately his QRZ.com address keeps bouncing.

So if you read this Graham and my trip can be of any use to the nice people over at WAB, please do get in touch.


Dave 2E0BYA (moleonacid@gmail.com)

PS. Apologies for this being a bit OT (though there is a compensatory unique in it for anyone that can hear me from the island, hi).


In reply to 2E0BYA:

Dave, when do you expect to be on Canna? It looks like I’ll have a pass out to do a bit of island hoping sometime this summer. I haven’t decided between Barra, Eigg, Rum, Canna and others yet. But if you’re on Canna when I pass by it would a tadge rude not to say hello, especially given how small the place is!



In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy,

It would be brilliant to see you on the island. I’m getting the ferry from Mallaig on the 30th of June and I’m staying for a minimum 3 weeks.

Dibs on GM/SI-196 Carn a’Ghaill :wink:

Dave 2E0BYA


In reply to M3SFN:

All sorted now, I have Graham’s addy.

Please note the above post was sent by me, I didn’t notice that Dad was logged in not me =)

Dave 2E0BYA


Dave has now been in touch with me via e-mail
73 Graham