Merry Christmas Everyone!

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If you buy a unicycle I’ll look for a pogo stick that’s up to my

It’s your lucky day, Brian!!!

I found one in the cellar after I bought my house. The previous owners also left an almost 6ft high electronic fruit machine and an organ. More than ten years later and I’m still waiting for them to be collected :frowning:

73 Mike

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Pogo stick: upside, can be loaded up as an antenna. Downside: pogo stick QSB.

Might be fun! :-))


Brian G8ADD

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p.s. Mike, well done on getting up that big lump with Dave the other

Cheers. A bit of a slog that one…

Mike 2E0YYY

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I know someone with a unicycle, I’m sure you could borrow it Mike! He says it’s good fun although a little taxing on the “gentleman’s parts”

Sorry to disappoint Mike, but this Christmas will be spent in Florida. Which might make VHF a little tricky;-)

That said, if I’ve been good, a little KX3 might be in the stocking and there’s always HF…



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If you can produce a semi-believable image of YYY activating Shining
Tor on a unicycle, then I will buy you a beer next time we meet

Hope you can come up with the goods now!




Make it two beers, one for me and one for Mike and you’re on. I’ll get you a picture of him on a unicycle activation ok. I’ll also supply a picture of him at the top of of Helvellyn, complete with colinear!! Even funnier, one of him when he got back to the car.

The boy did well

Andy, get that unicycle tick box sorted out.