Merchandise - Interest In Offering A SOTA Hat For Sale?

I am presently sourcing both a cap and a thermal fleece “beanie” with the logo embroidered. The size of the badge would be much reduced from the one used on the polo shirts and the patch but I am waiting on the manufacturer to advise the appropriate size. The cost of the patches is reasonable but the set-up cost and initial stock commitment is such that it is unlikely we would be able to justify a smaller one - maybe I am wrong?

Demand for shirts varies, I suppose we have sold around 200, perhaps more (without checking), since they were introduced but (as always) Murphy has a hand in it so regardless of what we sell I always have a shortage of size/colour that is wanted (and a glut of what is not wanted :smiley:). Flags are a steady seller at around 100 per year with Eu being the largest market.

I get it wrong and have a reasonable stock of thermal mugs which only sell sporadically (does nobody in SOTA drink hot coffee/cold beer?)

Barry GM4TOE

Hi Brian,

Up here we call a beanie hat a Tammy, usually a woolen one, fine until they get wet then weight pulls it over yer eyes.


Very good they are too !

In the days when I actually had time to do SOTA activations my last action before leaving the house was to fill a thermal mug with coffee for the drive. They keep the coffee warm for about 2 hours (so warm in fact that it was usually too hot to drink in the first hour). Surely every winter activator needs one (…for Christmas)?

I thought a Tammy had a bobble on top!


Aye weel, ye see, a proper Scottish Tammy is a tartan (usually) flatish hat type wi a wee bobble oan tap. Also known as a bunnet. But down in oor wee corner o’ Scotland a beanie is usually called a Tammy or Tammy bunnet, traditionally hand knitted with wool - heavy when it rains.

Regional variations are amazing, even a couple of miles makes a big difference.

73 Neil


Hey Barry, don’t forget us warm (Bitter) beer and cold (ice) coffee drinkers! You’re missing half of your market for the thermo-mugs! Of course these can also be used to hold food in the form of a soup or broth, answering an earlier question. I thought the Scottish cap was called a Tammy Shanta (sorry for the spelling).

Ed - this time signing G8GLM, going back to my roots.

It is or was, very rarely hear it called a Tam O’ Shanter except for posh tourist shops that sell over priced stuff - I won’t name any but I’m sure everyone has been in one at some point.


cough…Royal Mile…cough


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And there’s me thinking Tammy was what the cottonwoods were whispering above ;-). Ask your grandparents or Brian, they will know.

Tourie bunnet?

Translation: A tourist’s hat

Then of course there are those from the emporia Andy refers to which have ginger hair for the follically challenged :smile:

Barry GM4TOE

The bobble on top of a Tam o’Shanter is properly called a “toorie”. Nothing to do with tourists!


In case anyone missed it in the December SOTA News (Part 1), Barry GM4TOE has announced the sourcing of three styles of SOTA badged hats. They should be available to order very shortly. That was quick work - from a request, to a Poll to initial sourcing. Probably cutting it a bit to close for Christmas, but still a good addition to your wardrobe for the coming new year.

I didn’t even think there had been enough yes votes cast in the Poll to support this. Less than 100 indications of intent to purchases. But he moved forward based on that that level of interest, and now I urge that we follow through and support him.

And as he had mentioned as a comment to stocking levels of various products, he has a few SOTA thermal mugs that could use new homes. Keep that in mind when you order your new hat. I will, and thanks Barry.

Glenn - AB3TQ

Thanks Glenn for the plug :smile:

I am hoping to hold stock of the caps (at least) in the USA and I am receiving help to source them. The main difference between those and the UK sourced ones will (hopefully) be just the shipping cost.
Unlikely to be able to deliver to far away places before Christmas (unless Santa is willing to do a special pick-up) but should definitely have them in the SOTA shop ( before then.

Also, in case it has been missed, the Microwave award certificates are now available and there are changes to the scope of the Summit to Summit award to recognise scores above 5000 points.

Barry GM4TOE

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There are now SOTA branded hats available via the SOTA shop:

There are three types available - a baseball cap, a ski cap with insulated lining and an outback hat - each has the SOTA logo embroidered onto it. Hopefully the prices are competitive

Barry GM4TOE

Mine arrived this morning. Should help keep my head warm nicely. ;). - 73 Rick M0LEP

I hope to attract VK DX with the outback hat. May look into incorporating a bit of #8 wire and snag a few ZL’s while I’m at it. :smile:
73 Bob

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Hi Bob,
I’ll wear any kind of hat if that will get me a US summit activator. I’ve worked a couple of US chasers from peaks here but no S2S.

In the mean time I’ve ordered headgear for winter and summer activations a beanie and hat.


Hi Ron,

Good to hear from you!

I too am afflicted with dreaded North American s2s malaise. In just over 4 years, I’ve managed only two. :frowning:

73 Mike

Mike, our friends in North America are having an S2S weekend on February 7th/8th. I know you often have to work weekends but it maybe worth keeping your eyes on the alerts.

Having said this, you watch the WX in both the UK and all of North America turn awful for those days.

Aye Andy, working :frowning:

73 Mike