Mendocino NF this week

I will be spending a few days in the Mendocino NF this week (Tues-Thurs) and hope to activate a few summits. I don’t have a fixed set of peaks in mind (yet) but have mapped out several of them so will try to get to a few as they slot in with other activities. There are a few not-yet-activated peaks as well, so may try to reach some of those if feasible.

Unlikely to have Internet access to post an Alert, but will self-spot via SMS (Garmin InReach).

Here is a list of some good possibilities. They have already been activated but provide a good distribution of available and accessible summits in Mendocino National Forest.
W6/CC-006 (Black Butte)
W6/CC-010 (Anthony Peak)
W6/NC-446 (West Log Spring Ridge
W6/NC-037 (Elk Mountain)
W6/CC-011 (Hull Mountain)
W6/NC-008 (Big Signal Peak)

Hi Ben,

Please activated 30m and 40m so your good friends in the Bay Area can work you (without relying on Remote Ham Radio).


Don’t forget to post this notice on the NaSota yahoo group, which has over one thousand members. Apparently, far more NA Sota types read that, compared to the Reflector.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

A favorite area of mine. Not sure which area of the forest you are going to but be sure to check with the Forest Service because there were some lightning caused fires earlier this week, also some roads may still be a problem from last season rains. The road to Snow Mountain trail head may still be out. Good luck and I hope I can chase you.