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Massive QRM @ Billinge

Hi all,

Plan was to get a simple summit from my SP list out of the way, and the day started off nice and sunny. No forecast of rain, cold but we can put up with that.

Set off in plenty of time, traffic on M6 quiet to what I have seen it in past. Got to Parking spot using Richards TOM TOM POI. Walked the short distance to summit Trig, same problem as G4OIG & G4MD had on Saturday, Muddy and bit slippy. Set up the Beam for 2M Vertical on fencepost, Noise from Transmitters Booming in on all Frequencies!!!

Decided to move to Square Brick Building and put it between myself and Masts, worked fine so long as I stayed in a 4 foot square. Used the NR77 antenna with a BNC Adaptor. This summit was fast becoming hard work but persevere young man I said.

Thanks for Lee M0LMP poor signal first contact but said he would spot me. Thanks to Andy M3ZMO/M for being my 1st Mobile contact on a SOTA Activation. after 10 Contacts and a lot of hard work avoiding the Transmitters noise I decide to call it a day if not called.

Had a Brew and then QRT sorry I never even attempted 70cms as the noise was worse on that band. Thanks to Mike GW0DSP for final updated Spot.

2 SP Summits down 15 to go.

One photo from Raw Head on Flicker group,up to now, none from this Summit.



In reply to M6ADL:

You don’t say which radio you were using. Some radios are better than others at withstanding strong signal overloading. It’s all to do with the RF design and many modern sets with their DC to Daylight tuning range are affected more than older classics like the FT-290 to name one radio.

It can be worthwhile picking up some of the older sets to act as a standby set for operation from sites which have many commercial transmitters on them. Or you could make yourself a bandpass filter to cover 2m or 70cms. How effective the filter would be depends on what you make and how much of the problem was due to signals at your antenna socket and how much was due to pickup through the grotty cases many ham grade radios have.

Still congratulations on persevering not just enough to bag 4 contacts so you can claim the hill but for keeping on to work as many as possible.


In reply to M6ADL:
Hi, been up Billige hill a couple of times now without the reported (by several stations) qrm. Just used the rubber duck on 2/70cm with the ft817 - no problems at all. Wkd devon on the rubber duck using ssb.
4 metres with a quarter wave was equally without problems.
Looks like some rigs have a problem but others dont.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy, I use an Alinco DJ596 Handie for 2m/70cm at the moment and its only FM.

I am trying to source two sealed lead acid batteries (Yuasa NP2-12) which I will Homebrew fit inside my FT897 at 4AH (an alternative to the VERY Expensive Yaesu ones). They have the dimensions similar to the yaesu ones but slightly less AH. I will then be able to use all bands all modes as needed.

I am planning to do Moel Famau shortly and may take my 897 up with my 7AH Sla Battery which as you know is heavy, but worth a go as my XYL will help me carry the stuff up. I am keen to try some HF SOTA Activity.

Although yesterday was hard work I am only too glad to give as many chasers their points as possible. after all I am a Chaser too!!

Thanks to all of you that gave me a contact yesterday.



In reply to M6ADL:

Hi Tony,

Well done in persevering on the summit to qualify it in style. Thanks also for the contact on Saturday when I was up there.

I operated from the trig with my 817, Microset dual band linear and horizontal 5 element on 2m and could detect a raised noise floor when beaming towards the masts. I also used my Standard C710 handie on 70cms and 23cms and had no problem on either band, but I’ve found in the past it is fairly bomb proof. I did take a brief check and there were some horrible noises both in the 300MHz and 800MHz spectrums, but as these bands are selected separately from 2m / 70cms / 23cms, I assume there is some form of bandpass filtering involved.

All the best for the remaining 15 SP summits. You’ve certainly done the “butt end” of the pack, so it’s onwards and upwards from here.

73, Gerald

P.S. Hope you get the battery sorted. I usually carry a minimum of 2 x 3.3AH 12V SLABs and have sometimes carried a 12AH, a 3.3AH and a BNOS 180W linear up a summit…

In reply to M6ADL:
Hi, Tony, I don’t know if it is the same as the one you are looking for, but Maplins list a 12v 4.2 Ah SLAB, product code L53AC for £24.99.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the natter yesterday. You might find this website useful,


Their prices want some beating! I buy my SLABs from them. They also offer battery cases to make up a battery pack to suit most applications, they also do the LiPo batteries which are much lighter per ah than SLABs.


In reply to G4OIG:

Hi Gerald,

Just one of them, I suppose cant be harsh on the Alinco as it did me proud on Raw Head.

As I say Billinge is out the way and if I go up again I will probably try HF??

Just waiting for better weather as you can see Im a Big Bloke and carrying that uphill in bad weather is just too much. My GP says I must look after myself more HI HI !!

Hoping for better with FT897



In reply to G8ADD:

Hi Brian, no that one is too big for the cavity in the 897 this is the only one I have found that has the dimensions needed.

May have to go to Midlands to pick them up as I dont do Internet transactions.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Cheers Mike, they dont have the one Im looking for but thanks for tip on LiPo gives me something else to look at.



In reply to M6ADL:

Hi Tony

As others have mentioned, I to have activated Billinge Hill with no breakthrough from the masts experienced. I have used both the FT290 Mk2 and FT-817 in line with the Rucksack Special and 2m 3el SOTA beam and also the VX-170 on its helical antenna. I normally operate from the fence line, back to the small wall near the trig point.

However, will again activate this summit in the coming months, with the problem you experienced taken into consideration.


Ian 2E0EDX