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Marek SP9TKW achieved 1000 S2S points

I would like to congratulate Marek SP9TKW who achieved today 1000 S2S points.
This score is very significant because it is worked during 23 activations only !
Chapeau bas Marek and hope to see you soon again from the summits.

73, Jarek


Congratulations Marek on achieving 1000 summit to summit points.

Jimmy M0HGY


Thats almost 40 s2s points per activation. Nice to have such rich pickings! If I get 3 s2s in an hour or two I feel very lucky…

Well done though! Great results.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Thanks guys and especially Jarek for bringing it out.

Andrew, yes average is quite high. I wonder if a reason might be that after I setup my antenna first 3-4 QSOs are S2S chases which I do to see if all works well.

When I activate I tend to spend 4-5 hours on the summit, so plenty of time to chase S2S. Also I tend to activate 6 and 8 pts summits so once I start calling I suppose I am relatively atractive summit to call for those activators who want to build up points in this category.

Lastly, I am lucky to leave in the area very popular amongst Polish activators SP/BZ-xxx, so apart KF QSOs there are a lot of opportunities on 2m band. Just as an example yesterday’s tally was 4 S2S and 34pts on 2m band only and I missed 1-2 summits.

73 Marek


Hi Marek congratulations for this achievement, sounds nearly like a miracle.
You spent a lot of time on each summit…
I wonder if someone ever tried a 24 hour activation? That would bring interesting results? higher bands during the day, 80 meters by night? Some greyline? May be an idea for the solar maximum?
Hope to meet you on the bands.

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Hi Patrick,

I am not sure about 24hour activation, but during last European SOTA Day there were number of stations which were active for the most of the day.

I am also aware of group of Polish activators who do A New Year activation, They arrive late evening on the 31st December activate summit and than after midnight activate it again. As winters are usually very snowy and frosty, camp fire is an usual occurance.

This year though due to COVID restrictions the expedition was scrapped.

See you on the bands Patrick

73 Marek

Aloha Marek,
congratulations for this achievement.
It’s good hard work and thank you for all our QSO’s.
73! Vy de Jacek

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