Manic Monday

Today I activated Slieve Donard GI/MM-001 on 30m CW.
As soon as as I started to transmit I was pounced upon by a pride of very hungry chasers. No big problem, I was not going anywhere and an hour later there were no hungry Chasers remaining. Mission accomplished, off to 60m.
I understand that in the heat of the chase it is difficult, but Please Please Please, send your callsign only once, not 3 times.
Old cloth ears and an ageing FT857 are doing their best! Please call just once and be a little patient. In the afternoon on GI/MM-002 it was all “sweetness and light”, so it can be done.



I activated GD/GD-001 Snaefell on 7-CW Sunday just gone - I had the same experience to @G0EVV David. I love a good pile-up and will never complain about receiving many chaser calls, but calling in once, not 3 times certainly does help us activators. We will work you all :grinning: just bare with us.

Hope you enjoyed your GI tour - we are just about to board the ferry now as I write this message!

Safe journey back!

73, Ben


I don’t know about other activators, but any callers trying to bully their way to the front of the queue, immediately find themselves at the back of mine!