Man vs Storm

Not done any SOTA activating today. I was about to go out last night for a late one on Shining Tor - but the torrential rain at the time made me unthink it pretty swiftly.

But today, I’m prepared to get in the ring with Ali. I’ll pop up on 2m FM from a couple of summits in the next couple of hours. Anyone who advises me about the wind noise runs the risk of negative chaser points… :wink:

Wednesday 19th September 2018 - Gun G/SP-013 & The Cloud G/SP-015

Like the more famous Ali, this one’s powers were significantly lessened at the tail-end of its career. That’s not to say it hadn’t been destructive earlier on - two fatalities in Ireland are a tragic outcome of that.

Little to report from my activations, which were much more about the exercise than the radio. Nonetheless, two QSOs made on Gun, both 2m FM, and then four on The Cloud (3 on 2m FM, one on 2m C4FM), and 4000 steps clocked up on my Fitbit watch.

Back on tour tomorrow.

Storm Ali delayed my flight to France by 2.5hrs. Hope to be on 2 maybe 3 F/PE summits layer today. Sommieres and Sete (need to figure how to get accented chars on the phone). Will spot.

While typing on your screentouch keyboard, press and hold on the letter you want the accent on and a selection for you to choose shall open up.
GL and HPE CU on 40m when you Will be in F/PE.


Now HERE’s a Man versus Storm - shame the two people that walk across in the backgroud didn’t realise they should be faking storm force winds as the reporter was …


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