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Make hay while the sun shines

Thanks to all chasers and others who gave us contacts on our recent round of Scottish Border and Northern Pennine summits. My XYL had to visit the Barnard Castle area on Monday for work, so that became the excuse for a long weekend + of SOTA activations. This happened to coincide with some ‘real summer’ weather–the sort that splits the pavements. Having said that, we still got a soaking on the descent from the Cheviot on the late Saturday afternoon.

Sat. 26th June Cheviot–SB-001
Sun. 27th June Shillhope Law SB-006
Mon. 28th June Burnhope Seat NP-003
Tues. 29th June Cross Fell NP-001 and Dufton Pike NP-027
Weds. 30th June Nine Standards Rigg NP-018 and Rogan’s Seat NP-014

It was good to meet new chasers G2ARY and xyl M0BQD George and Lesa–I understand their contacts with us brought up their 250 chaser points–well done both.
Penrith stalwarts G0TDM, John and G4WHA Geoff were always around for the NP summits and it was good to catch some regulars including G4USW, Bill, G1OHH, Sue, G4BLH Mike and GW0DSP also Mike. We only had one summit to summit but were pleased to catch M/LA1TPA/P Mads on LD-003.

The Cheviot, Shillhope Law, Dufton Pike, Burnhope Seat and Nine Standars Rigg were all straight forwards and not too taxing but Cross Fell and Rogan’s Seat are more extended walks. The weather on the Wednesday was quite amazing and it was good to finish the round in the stunning upper Yorkshire Dales.

We had been warned that both Nine Standards Rigg and Rogan’s Seat were quite difficult on VHF but thanks to some of the above mentioned chasers we managed without too much difficulty with 2.5w and the home made 4 element yagi.

Best wishes to all, Gordon G0EWN and xyl/logkeeper/antenna technician Jenni. 73s