Make a chaser happy?

Three summits in the G association haven’t been activated in over a year:

  1. Sighty Crag G/SB-005 - 23/08/2011

  2. Aye Gill Pike G/NP-023 - 25/11/2011

  3. Mickle Fell G/NP-002 - 06/05/2012

  4. And not far behind is Cliffe Hill G/SE-014 - 26/05/2012.

The next activators to do these will be popular on the bands I suspect. But why have these been ignored for so long? Probably:

  1. Long tiring drag of a walk and miles from anywhere
  2. Bit of a slog but not bad - surprised that it has gone 18 months without action TBH.
  3. On MOD land. Visits need to occur on published non-firing days.
  4. Dismal summit right in the middle of a golf course.


In reply to M1EYP:

  1. And not far behind is Cliffe Hill G/SE-014 - 26/05/2012.
  2. Dismal summit right in the middle of a golf course.

Yeah, and a requirement to get permission from the Club before activating, which I’m sure puts people off.

Colin G8TMV

Well, unless you are desperate to activate from the summit itself there is a small triangle of OA land to the south that just makes it into the AZ. I was fortunate that there was a 2m contest so I qualified with QSOs into the continent. 5MHz helped a bit as well. :slight_smile:

73, Richard

In reply to G4ERP:

Well, unless you are desperate to activate from the summit itself
there is a small triangle of OA land to the south that just makes it
into the AZ.

I hadn’t realised that. If I had known about it I would probably have activated from there when I found that the actual summit is rather in the face of the golfers.

It might be worth adding a comment to the summit info about that for future activators.

Colin G8TMV

In reply to M1EYP:


We are trying to do our bit to make a few chasers happy; having recently activated a few seldom activated GMs we have permission for The Myarth (GW/SW-035) this week and are expecting to activate on Wednesday. It has only had 9 activations (125 QSOs) and has not been done since 29/07/2011.

We just hope that the band conditions are OK and that the weather is kind enough for us to linger and try a few extra bands for a change. There was not much of that in Scotland as the wind was much too unpleasant.


In reply to M0JLA:

So for a bit of fun here are the G summits sorted by activation count. Before INKy comments, the list includes all summits which have ever been part of SOTA for G even if they were never activated before being deleted.

G/SP-015, The Cloud, 881
G/SP-004, Shining Tor, 531
G/SP-013, Gun, 466
G/SP-005, Pendle Hill, 289
G/LD-049, Kirkby Moor, 283
G/NP-010, Pen-y-ghent, 280
G/WB-005, Long Mynd - Pole Bank, 266
G/WB-004, Titterstone Clee Hill, 264
G/SP-001, Kinder Scout, 248
G/NP-005, Ingleborough, 248
G/LD-050, Gummer’s How, 241
G/WB-003, Stiperstones, 235
G/NP-004, Whernside, 231
G/SP-010, Winter Hill, 212
G/SP-002, Black Hill, 197
G/CE-001, Cleeve Hill, 196
G/NP-017, Fountains Fell, 188
G/SP-017, Billinge Hill, 187
G/NP-028, Rombald’s Moor, 186
G/LD-003, Helvellyn, 183
G/SP-014, Longridge Fell, 179
G/WB-002, Brown Clee Hill, 179
G/LD-013, The Old Man of Coniston, 176
G/NP-008, Great Whernside, 175
G/LD-018, Stony Cove Pike, 167
G/NP-009, Buckden Pike, 163
G/LD-004, Skiddaw, 157
G/LD-022, Seat Sandal, 149
G/NP-029, Sharp Haw, 146
G/NP-015, Great Knoutberry Hill, 145
G/SP-012, Easington Fell, 145
G/WB-021, Ruardean Hill, 144
G/SP-007, Fair Snape Fell, 139
G/WB-010, The Wrekin, 137
G/LD-007, Fairfield, 135
G/LD-052, Hutton Roof Crags, 135
G/CE-004, Bardon Hill, 134
G/CE-002, Walton Hill, 133
G/LD-017, Red Screes, 131
G/LD-058, Arnside Knott, 130
G/SP-008, Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law, 130
G/SE-001, Walbury Hill, 125
G/WB-009, Worcestershire Beacon, 124
G/LD-008, Blencathra - Hallsfell Top, 120
G/LD-001, Scafell Pike, 119
G/LD-037, Little Mell Fell, 119
G/LD-011, High Street, 118
G/LD-020, Dale Head, 115
G/CE-003, Bredon Hill, 115
G/CE-005, Wendover Woods, 113
G/LD-035, Great Mell Fell, 110
G/LD-046, Lambrigg Fell, 107
G/LD-030, Black Combe, 106
G/LD-024, Pike of Blisco, 104
G/NP-006, Great Shunner Fell, 104
G/TW-004, Bishop Wilton Wold, 104
G/NP-016, Dodd Fell Hill, 101
G/LD-056, Whitbarrow - Lord’s Seat, 100
G/LD-010, St Sunday Crag, 97
G/NP-030, Lovely Seat, 97
G/SP-009, Hail Storm Hill, 95
G/NP-011, Great Coum, 91
G/LD-047, Loughrigg Fell, 91
G/SP-006, White Hill, 90
G/LD-005, Great Gable, 89
G/NP-007, Wild Boar Fell, 89
G/SP-011, Freeholds Top, 88
G/SP-003, Ward’s Stone, 87
G/SP-016, Raw Head, 86
G/WB-019, May Hill, 85
G/WB-023, Hegdon Hill, 85
G/LD-055, Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag, 85
G/LD-015, Grisedale Pike, 84
G/NP-032, Cracoe Fell, 83
G/SC-001, Dunkery Beacon, 82
G/LD-051, Holme Fell, 81
G/WB-018, View Edge, 81
G/WB-006, Caer Caradoc Hill, 81
G/LD-021, Robinson, 80
G/WB-022, Seager Hill, 79
G/TW-005, Normanby Top, 78
G/NP-013, The Calf, 78
G/LD-028, Harter Fell (Eskdale), 77
G/NP-031, Birks Fell, 76
G/SE-005, Botley Hill, 76
G/SE-002, Leith Hill, 75
G/NP-001, Cross Fell, 75
G/LD-053, Claife Heights, 75
G/LD-048, Top O’Selside, 73
G/LD-027, Place Fell, 73
G/SC-008, Win Green, 73
G/WB-012, High Vinnalls, 72
G/NP-018, Nine Standards Rigg, 71
G/NP-022, Calf Top, 71
G/WB-015, Callow Hill, 70
G/LD-034, Hard Knott, 69
G/LD-033, Lord’s Seat, 67
G/LD-009, Grasmoor, 67
G/SE-006, Ditchling Beacon, 66
G/SC-003, Beacon Batch, 64
G/NP-021, Horse Head Moor, 64
G/TW-001, Urra Moor - Round Hill, 64
G/TW-002, Cringle Moor - Drake Howe, 63
G/WB-011, Bradnor Hill, 63
G/NP-019, Yarlside, 63
G/LD-032, Whitfell, 63
G/LD-014, Kirk Fell, 62
G/SC-010, Dundry Down, 62
G/SE-004, Butser Hill, 62
G/SB-009, Ros Hill, 61
G/WB-008, Hergest Ridge, 59
G/DC-001, High Willhays, 58
G/LD-019, High Raise, 57
G/SC-005, Selworthy Beacon, 57
G/SE-009, Chanctonbury Ring, 57
G/WB-007, Heath Mynd, 57
G/WB-013, Garway Hill, 55
G/WB-024, Aconbury Hill, 55
G/SE-013, Detling Hill, 55
G/SC-004, Staple Hill, 54
G/LD-039, Baystones, 54
G/LD-040, Lingmoor Fell, 54
G/WB-014, Burrow, 54
G/WB-016, Wapley Hill, 53
G/SC-007, Long Knoll, 53
G/SC-002, Wills Neck, 51
G/SE-003, Black Down, 51
G/LD-006, Pillar, 51
G/WB-020, Burton Hill, 51
G/NP-025, Thorpe Fell Top, 50
G/LD-041, Binsey, 49
G/LD-044, High Rigg, 47
G/LD-045, Dent, 47
G/LD-023, Knott, 47
G/NP-003, Burnhope Seat, 47
G/SE-010, Firle Beacon, 47
G/SE-008, St Boniface Down, 46
G/LD-043, Hallin Fell, 46
G/WB-001, Black Mountain, 46
G/WB-017, Shobdon Hill, 45
G/LD-012, High Stile, 45
G/DC-005, Christ Cross, 45
G/SE-011, Wilmington Hill, 45
G/SC-012, Swyre Head, 44
G/SC-013, Nine Barrow Down, 44
G/DC-003, Kit Hill, 44
G/LD-029, Illgill Head, 44
G/TW-003, Gisborough Moor, 44
G/SE-015, Cheriton Hill, 43
G/SE-012, Brighstone Down, 42
G/SB-008, Long Crag, 41
G/SB-001, The Cheviot, 41
G/DC-007, Watch Croft, 41
G/LD-026, Tarn Crag (Sleddale), 40
G/NP-012, Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill, 40
G/SC-006, Periton Hill, 40
G/SC-009, Lewesdon Hill, 39
G/SC-011, Hardown Hill, 39
G/NP-023, Aye Gill Pike, 39
G/LD-031, Blake Fell, 39
G/NP-027, Dufton Pike, 37
G/SB-007, Tosson Hill, 37
G/LD-038, Grayrigg Forest, 35
G/DC-004, Hensbarrow Beacon, 34
G/SE-007, Crowborough, 34
G/NP-026, Kisdon, 33
G/LD-025, Seatallan, 33
G/LD-054, Watch Hill, 32
G/NP-024, Hoove, 32
G/SE-014, Cliffe Hill, 32
G/DC-002, Brown Willy, 31
G/DC-006, Carnmenellis, 30
G/NP-002, Mickle Fell, 29
G/NP-014, Rogan’s Seat, 28
G/NP-020, Cold Fell, 28
G/LD-036, Mellbreak, 28
G/SB-006, Shillhope Law, 27
G/SB-004, Peel Fell, 26
G/LD-042, Low Fell, 24
G/SB-010, Housedon Hill, 19
G/SB-005, Sighty Crag, 17
G/LD-057, Swinside, 16
G/LD-002, Scafell, 0
G/CE-006, Aconbury Hill, 0
G/LD-016, Harter Fell, 0
G/SB-002, Hedgehope Hill, 0
G/SB-003, Cushat Law, 0

It’s a harder query to write but I should try and produce the same list but only for scoring activations.


In reply to MM0FMF:

And here are the same summits but order by last activation. n.b. the dates are in “backside over elbow” format aka US format.

G/SP-013, Gun, 5/13/2013
G/CE-003, Bredon Hill, 5/11/2013
G/SP-004, Shining Tor, 5/11/2013
G/DC-005, Christ Cross, 5/10/2013
G/LD-052, Hutton Roof Crags, 5/7/2013
G/LD-055, Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag, 5/7/2013
G/NP-028, Rombald’s Moor, 5/7/2013
G/SP-015, The Cloud, 5/7/2013
G/WB-010, The Wrekin, 5/7/2013
G/WB-021, Ruardean Hill, 5/7/2013
G/WB-013, Garway Hill, 5/6/2013
G/TW-001, Urra Moor - Round Hill, 5/6/2013
G/LD-058, Arnside Knott, 5/6/2013
G/NP-010, Pen-y-ghent, 5/6/2013
G/NP-017, Fountains Fell, 5/6/2013
G/NP-004, Whernside, 5/6/2013
G/NP-005, Ingleborough, 5/6/2013
G/LD-049, Kirkby Moor, 5/6/2013
G/LD-041, Binsey, 5/6/2013
G/LD-003, Helvellyn, 5/6/2013
G/WB-006, Caer Caradoc Hill, 5/5/2013
G/WB-020, Burton Hill, 5/5/2013
G/WB-024, Aconbury Hill, 5/5/2013
G/WB-004, Titterstone Clee Hill, 5/4/2013
G/WB-014, Burrow, 5/4/2013
G/WB-012, High Vinnalls, 5/4/2013
G/TW-005, Normanby Top, 5/4/2013
G/SP-014, Longridge Fell, 5/4/2013
G/LD-011, High Street, 5/4/2013
G/LD-020, Dale Head, 5/4/2013
G/LD-021, Robinson, 5/4/2013
G/SE-005, Botley Hill, 5/4/2013
G/SE-010, Firle Beacon, 5/4/2013
G/NP-006, Great Shunner Fell, 5/3/2013
G/WB-019, May Hill, 5/3/2013
G/WB-022, Seager Hill, 5/3/2013
G/WB-023, Hegdon Hill, 5/3/2013
G/LD-014, Kirk Fell, 5/1/2013
G/LD-005, Great Gable, 5/1/2013
G/SP-005, Pendle Hill, 5/1/2013
G/NP-001, Cross Fell, 5/1/2013
G/SC-001, Dunkery Beacon, 4/30/2013
G/SC-002, Wills Neck, 4/30/2013
G/SC-006, Periton Hill, 4/30/2013
G/LD-008, Blencathra - Hallsfell Top, 4/30/2013
G/LD-035, Great Mell Fell, 4/30/2013
G/LD-013, The Old Man of Coniston, 4/29/2013
G/WB-002, Brown Clee Hill, 4/29/2013
G/CE-004, Bardon Hill, 4/28/2013
G/SC-003, Beacon Batch, 4/28/2013
G/SP-001, Kinder Scout, 4/27/2013
G/NP-029, Sharp Haw, 4/27/2013
G/CE-001, Cleeve Hill, 4/27/2013
G/LD-012, High Stile, 4/27/2013
G/LD-030, Black Combe, 4/27/2013
G/SC-005, Selworthy Beacon, 4/26/2013
G/SC-013, Nine Barrow Down, 4/25/2013
G/SC-007, Long Knoll, 4/25/2013
G/LD-040, Lingmoor Fell, 4/25/2013
G/LD-036, Mellbreak, 4/23/2013
G/LD-019, High Raise, 4/23/2013
G/SC-012, Swyre Head, 4/23/2013
G/SP-011, Freeholds Top, 4/23/2013
G/TW-004, Bishop Wilton Wold, 4/23/2013
G/SP-010, Winter Hill, 4/21/2013
G/SP-017, Billinge Hill, 4/21/2013
G/SP-002, Black Hill, 4/21/2013
G/SE-001, Walbury Hill, 4/20/2013
G/NP-008, Great Whernside, 4/20/2013
G/LD-009, Grasmoor, 4/20/2013
G/WB-005, Long Mynd - Pole Bank, 4/20/2013
G/SB-008, Long Crag, 4/15/2013
G/SE-002, Leith Hill, 4/15/2013
G/SB-009, Ros Hill, 4/14/2013
G/SB-007, Tosson Hill, 4/13/2013
G/LD-056, Whitbarrow - Lord’s Seat, 4/13/2013
G/WB-018, View Edge, 4/13/2013
G/TW-003, Gisborough Moor, 4/13/2013
G/DC-006, Carnmenellis, 4/9/2013
G/DC-007, Watch Croft, 4/9/2013
G/DC-004, Hensbarrow Beacon, 4/8/2013
G/DC-002, Brown Willy, 4/8/2013
G/LD-017, Red Screes, 4/8/2013
G/LD-037, Little Mell Fell, 4/8/2013
G/SP-007, Fair Snape Fell, 4/8/2013
G/SE-007, Crowborough, 4/8/2013
G/SC-004, Staple Hill, 4/7/2013
G/NP-024, Hoove, 4/7/2013
G/LD-050, Gummer’s How, 4/7/2013
G/DC-003, Kit Hill, 4/7/2013
G/DC-001, High Willhays, 4/7/2013
G/LD-043, Hallin Fell, 4/6/2013
G/NP-032, Cracoe Fell, 4/6/2013
G/NP-011, Great Coum, 4/6/2013
G/NP-014, Rogan’s Seat, 4/6/2013
G/SP-003, Ward’s Stone, 4/6/2013
G/SP-012, Easington Fell, 4/6/2013
G/WB-007, Heath Mynd, 4/6/2013
G/LD-004, Skiddaw, 4/5/2013
G/LD-051, Holme Fell, 4/4/2013
G/LD-053, Claife Heights, 4/4/2013
G/SC-010, Dundry Down, 4/4/2013
G/LD-029, Illgill Head, 4/2/2013
G/LD-045, Dent, 4/1/2013
G/LD-001, Scafell Pike, 4/1/2013
G/LD-007, Fairfield, 4/1/2013
G/NP-022, Calf Top, 4/1/2013
G/WB-015, Callow Hill, 4/1/2013
G/TW-002, Cringle Moor - Drake Howe, 3/31/2013
G/NP-009, Buckden Pike, 3/31/2013
G/LD-018, Stony Cove Pike, 3/29/2013
G/CE-005, Wendover Woods, 3/28/2013
G/CE-002, Walton Hill, 3/27/2013
G/NP-015, Great Knoutberry Hill, 3/14/2013
G/WB-003, Stiperstones, 3/13/2013
G/SP-008, Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law, 3/10/2013
G/SP-006, White Hill, 3/7/2013
G/LD-042, Low Fell, 3/5/2013
G/LD-033, Lord’s Seat, 3/4/2013
G/NP-016, Dodd Fell Hill, 2/28/2013
G/NP-031, Birks Fell, 2/28/2013
G/NP-027, Dufton Pike, 2/27/2013
G/LD-032, Whitfell, 2/27/2013
G/WB-009, Worcestershire Beacon, 2/27/2013
G/LD-046, Lambrigg Fell, 2/24/2013
G/LD-027, Place Fell, 2/23/2013
G/NP-019, Yarlside, 2/22/2013
G/NP-013, The Calf, 2/22/2013
G/LD-022, Seat Sandal, 2/21/2013
G/LD-010, St Sunday Crag, 2/20/2013
G/NP-003, Burnhope Seat, 2/20/2013
G/LD-044, High Rigg, 2/17/2013
G/SC-008, Win Green, 2/16/2013
G/WB-017, Shobdon Hill, 2/15/2013
G/SB-006, Shillhope Law, 2/13/2013
G/LD-047, Loughrigg Fell, 2/9/2013
G/LD-023, Knott, 2/2/2013
G/SE-009, Chanctonbury Ring, 1/26/2013
G/SE-012, Brighstone Down, 1/20/2013
G/SE-008, St Boniface Down, 1/19/2013
G/SE-003, Black Down, 1/13/2013
G/SE-004, Butser Hill, 1/9/2013
G/NP-020, Cold Fell, 1/9/2013
G/NP-018, Nine Standards Rigg, 1/9/2013
G/LD-028, Harter Fell (Eskdale), 12/26/2012
G/LD-034, Hard Knott, 12/23/2012
G/LD-031, Blake Fell, 12/2/2012
G/LD-006, Pillar, 12/2/2012
G/SB-010, Housedon Hill, 11/29/2012
G/LD-024, Pike of Blisco, 11/11/2012
G/SC-011, Hardown Hill, 11/10/2012
G/SC-009, Lewesdon Hill, 11/10/2012
G/SE-013, Detling Hill, 11/10/2012
G/SE-015, Cheriton Hill, 11/10/2012
G/WB-016, Wapley Hill, 11/9/2012
G/WB-011, Bradnor Hill, 11/4/2012
G/WB-008, Hergest Ridge, 11/4/2012
G/LD-015, Grisedale Pike, 10/29/2012
G/LD-025, Seatallan, 10/27/2012
G/NP-007, Wild Boar Fell, 10/26/2012
G/LD-054, Watch Hill, 10/21/2012
G/LD-048, Top O’Selside, 10/21/2012
G/SP-009, Hail Storm Hill, 10/20/2012
G/LD-038, Grayrigg Forest, 10/19/2012
G/LD-026, Tarn Crag (Sleddale), 10/8/2012
G/SB-001, The Cheviot, 10/1/2012
G/SB-004, Peel Fell, 9/23/2012
G/LD-057, Swinside, 9/12/2012
G/SE-011, Wilmington Hill, 8/16/2012
G/SE-006, Ditchling Beacon, 8/14/2012
G/NP-026, Kisdon, 8/3/2012
G/NP-012, Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill, 7/11/2012
G/SE-014, Cliffe Hill, 5/26/2012
G/NP-002, Mickle Fell, 5/6/2012
G/NP-023, Aye Gill Pike, 11/25/2011
G/SB-005, Sighty Crag, 8/23/2011
G/LD-039, Baystones, 8/30/2010
G/NP-030, Lovely Seat, 7/23/2010
G/SP-016, Raw Head, 8/30/2009
G/NP-025, Thorpe Fell Top, 9/30/2008
G/WB-001, Black Mountain, 12/31/2007
G/NP-021, Horse Head Moor, 8/31/2007
G/SB-002, Hedgehope Hill, NULL
G/SB-003, Cushat Law, NULL
G/LD-016, Harter Fell, NULL
G/CE-006, Aconbury Hill, NULL
G/LD-002, Scafell, NULL


In reply to MM0FMF:

And for those looking to get their name in the “1st activated by” slot, here are all the unactivated GM summits.

GM/NS-012, Cona’ Mheall
GM/NS-013, A’Mhaighdean
GM/NS-016, Beinn Tarsuinn
GM/NS-021, Ruadh Stac Mor
GM/NS-024, Beinn Dearg Mor
GM/NS-028, Beinn a’Chaisgein Mor
GM/NS-031, Carn Ban
GM/NS-033, Beinn Dearg Bheag
GM/NS-036, Creag Rainich
GM/NS-037, Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill
GM/NS-053, Carn an Tionail
GM/NS-055, Groban
GM/NS-056, Beinn nan Eun
GM/NS-059, Sabhal Beag
GM/NS-064, Beinn Tharsuinn
GM/NS-065, Creag Mhor
GM/NS-066, Beinn nan Ramh
GM/NS-067, Morven
GM/NS-069, Ben Armine - Creag a’Choire Ghlais
GM/NS-071, Carn a’Choin Deirg
GM/NS-073, Beinn a’Mhuinidh
GM/NS-075, Beinn Direach
GM/NS-076, Beinn a’Chaisgein Beag
GM/NS-077, Beinn Bheag
GM/NS-080, Beinn Ghobhlach
GM/NS-083, Scaraben
GM/NS-088, Cnoc Damh
GM/NS-089, Ben Griam Mor
GM/NS-090, Beinn nam Ban
GM/NS-091, Ben Griam Beg
GM/NS-092, Meall an Fhuarain
GM/NS-093, Beinn Reidh
GM/NS-094, Beinn Eilideach
GM/NS-096, Cnoc nan Cuilean
GM/NS-097, Creag Scalabsdale
GM/NS-098, Creag Dhubh Mhor
GM/NS-099, Meall Liath Choire
GM/NS-100, Cnoc a’Bhaid-rallaich
GM/NS-101, Carn Garbh
GM/NS-102, Beinn an Eoin
GM/NS-104, Beinn Stumanadh
GM/NS-106, Meall Glac Tigh-fail
GM/NS-109, An Lean-charn
GM/NS-111, Maovally
GM/NS-112, Ben Dreavie
GM/NS-113, Smean
GM/NS-114, Meall Dheirgidh
GM/NS-115, Creag Riabhach
GM/NS-116, Maiden Pap
GM/NS-118, Beinn Sgeireach
GM/NS-119, Meall an Fhuarain
GM/NS-120, Creag Dhubh Bheag
GM/NS-121, An Grianan
GM/NS-122, Feinne-bheinn Mhor
GM/NS-124, Fashven
GM/NS-125, Beinn Lunndaidh
GM/NS-126, Cnoc an Liath-bhaid Mhoir
GM/NS-130, Meadie Ridge
GM/NS-131, Creag Loisgte
GM/NS-132, Ben Hutig
GM/NS-134, Cnoc na Maoile
GM/NS-136, Creag nam Fiadh
GM/NS-139, Sgribhis-bheinn
GM/NS-140, Meall a’Chaise
GM/NS-141, An Socach
GM/NS-142, Cnoc an Daimh Mor
GM/NS-149, Beinn Akie
GM/SI-009, Askival
GM/SI-014, Ainshval
GM/SI-024, Beinn na Caillich
GM/SI-030, Beinn Dearg Mhor
GM/SI-032, Belig
GM/SI-033, Trallval
GM/SI-035, Creach Beinn
GM/SI-036, Tirga Mor
GM/SI-038, Oreval
GM/SI-041, Ben Aslak
GM/SI-044, Stulaval
GM/SI-047, Mealisval
GM/SI-049, Beinn Mhor
GM/SI-054, Beinn na Seamraig
GM/SI-060, Ben Corodale
GM/SI-062, Tahaval
GM/SI-064, Cracaval
GM/SI-069, Griomaval
GM/SI-070, Ruadh Stac
GM/SI-072, Beinn Bheigier
GM/SI-073, Husival Mor
GM/SI-077, Glas Bheinn
GM/SI-078, Gormol
GM/SI-085, Beinn na Duatharach
GM/SI-087, Cruach Scarba
GM/SI-088, Caiteshal
GM/SI-089, Ben Lee
GM/SI-090, Beinn Bhreac
GM/SI-095, Roineval
GM/SI-098, Conachair
GM/SI-099, Sgorr nam Faoileann
GM/SI-102, Muaithabhal
GM/SI-103, The Sneug
GM/SI-109, Druim Fada
GM/SI-112, Beinn Mheadhonach
GM/SI-113, Mullach na Carn
GM/SI-118, Mullach an Eilein
GM/SI-122, Cnoc Glas
GM/SI-124, Cruachan Min
GM/SI-126, Uisenis
GM/SI-130, Sgarbh Breac
GM/SI-135, Maol Ban
GM/SI-136, Cipeagil Bheag
GM/SI-138, Creachan Mor
GM/SI-142, Guir-bheinn
GM/SI-146, Sron Romul
GM/SI-150, Beinn nan Carn
GM/SI-151, Sgorach Breac
GM/SI-155, Sgurr na h-Iolaire
GM/SI-156, Beinn Mholach
GM/SI-161, Sgurr nan Caorach
GM/SI-170, Ben Raah
GM/SI-182, Muirneag
GM/SI-192, Seaforth Island
GM/SI-200, Forsnaval
GM/SI-203, Beinn a’Charnain
GM/SI-204, Stac an Armin
GM/SI-212, Bioda Mor
GM/SI-214, Stac Lee
GM/SI-218, Mullach Buidhe
GM/SS-157, Beinn Bhreac
GM/SS-173, Carn Duchara
GM/SS-183, Cruach Lusach
GM/SS-188, Beinn Dubh Airigh
GM/SS-193, Beinn an Tuirc
GM/SS-200, Cnoc Moy
GM/SS-230, The Slate
GM/WS-024, Sgurr a’Choire Ghlais
GM/WS-062, Sgurr na Ruaidhe
GM/WS-084, Meall Buidhe
GM/WS-105, Sgurr a’Choire-bheithe
GM/WS-114, Aonach Buidhe
GM/WS-116, Ruadh-stac Beag
GM/WS-118, Sgurr nan Eugallt
GM/WS-121, Sgurr Dhomhnuill
GM/WS-122, Ben Aden
GM/WS-123, Meall a’Ghiubhais
GM/WS-132, Sguman Coinntich
GM/WS-133, Baosbheinn
GM/WS-137, Faochaig
GM/WS-139, Bidein a’Chabair
GM/WS-148, Beinn Bhuidhe
GM/WS-149, Beinn an Eoin
GM/WS-151, Bac an Eich
GM/WS-154, Sgurr an Airgid
GM/WS-163, An Sidhean
GM/WS-188, Beinn nan Caorach
GM/WS-196, Beinn a’Chapuill
GM/WS-204, Beinn na h-Eaglaise
GM/WS-208, Sgurr a’Gharaidh
GM/WS-209, Carnan Cruithneachd
GM/WS-210, Mullach Coire nan Geur-oirean
GM/WS-212, Beinn a’Chearcaill
GM/WS-214, Stob Mhic Bheathain
GM/WS-215, An Stac
GM/WS-217, Druim Fada
GM/WS-218, Meith Bheinn
GM/WS-219, Beinn nan Lus
GM/WS-221, An Cruachan
GM/WS-224, Slat Bheinn
GM/WS-226, Beinn na Muice
GM/WS-227, Beinn Molurgainn
GM/WS-229, Carn Mhic an Toisich
GM/WS-230, Meall a’Chrathaich
GM/WS-231, Meall na Faochaig
GM/WS-233, Carn Breac
GM/WS-235, Beinn Suidhe
GM/WS-236, Carn Gorm
GM/WS-238, An Ruadh-mheallan
GM/WS-240, Meall nan Eun
GM/WS-245, Beinn Mheadhoin
GM/WS-254, Biod an Fhithich
GM/WS-255, Beinn Clachach
GM/WS-259, Beinn a’Chlachain
GM/WS-260, Beinn na Feusaige
GM/WS-264, Creag Dhubh Mhor
GM/WS-267, Beinn a’Chuirn
GM/WS-269, Meallan Odhar Doire nan Gillean
GM/WS-270, Beinn Dubh an Iaruinn
GM/WS-273, Druim a’Chuirn
GM/WS-278, Beinn nan Cabar
GM/WS-287, Beinn Mhialairigh
GM/WS-288, Carn a’Ghobhair
GM/WS-289, Meall Sguman
GM/WS-295, Druim na Cluain-airighe
GM/WS-307, Carn nan Iomairean
GM/WS-313, Bidein Clann Raonaild
GM/WS-318, Beinn Conchra
GM/WS-320, Sgurr Bhuidhe
GM/WS-321, Seana Mheallan
GM/WS-325, Beinn a’Mheadhoin
GM/WS-326, Beinn a’Chaoinich
GM/WS-327, Creag Mhor
GM/WS-329, Bad a’Chreamha
GM/WS-330, Glas Bheinn
GM/WS-331, An Sgurr
GM/WS-332, Meall Innis an Loichel
GM/WS-340, Beinn a’Bhaillidh


In reply to MM0FMF:

Ye Gods! Andy, some of those unactivated summits are terrifically rewarding hills! I wish my legs were twenty years younger!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to MM0FMF:
Shhhhhhh! I have my eye on a few of them… don’t be telling everyone!

Hi Hi


In reply to G8ADD:

They’re just so far away from where our main GM activators are located. (Central Belt, Speyside, Corran, Inverness) I know Paulrald G4OIMD (the joint activating entity of Paul G4MD and Gerald G4OIG) are in Islay (pronounced Isle-ah) hitting some virgin SI summits but they wont dent that list. Nor does having people with the endurance, stamina and capability of Robin GM7PKT and Colwyn MM0YCJ seem to make it get much smaller.

The nice thing about being a Goat is you care less about points and more about the quality of the hill and then radio. Since getting to that magic 1000pts I’ve been revelling in wee summits that get ignored. I’d have never done Breac-Beinn NS-123 if I was still trying to get to Goated as the cost/points/effort benefit didn’t compute. But oh what a treat it was to do it when the weather was as it had been. There are so many wee delights out there, many still to be done. Never mind some bigger beasts like Morven and friends still waiting.

Too many summits, not enough time.


In reply to MM0FMF:
I understand that, Andy, but some things really puzzle me, like the three SOTA summits next door to each other on the “Strathfarrar Six” and only the middle one has been done - and that not the easiest one to reach if the access restrictions are still in place and calling for speed! Then there is Cona’ Mheall NS-012, waiting to be done when its next door summit Bhein Dearg NS-003 has been done and a not-too-difficult route between them…but perhaps the Allt a Gharbhrain was hard to cross that day.

There are some really sweet mountain days awaiting somebody - with Munroes to bag at the same time for those who haven’t already done that.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to 2W0GDA:

In reply to MM0FMF:
Shhhhhhh! I have my eye on a few of them… don’t be telling

Hi Hi


Seconded ;))))

In reply to MM0FMF:
During our last 2 outings myself and MI0JST have activated the final 7 GI virgin summits :slight_smile:


Victor GI4ONL

In reply to G8ADD:
GM/NS-013, A’Mhaighdean
GM/NS-016, Beinn Tarsuinn

There’s a pair waiting for a good day (or two) out.

I did these two (plus the other Fisherfield Munros) via a couple of nights camp at Loch an Nid about 15 years ago. Wish I’d discovered SOTA then… Oh hang on, SOTA didn’t exist then!


In reply to GI4ONL:

GI virgin

Ah, a nostalgic phrase rarely called upon by Glenn Miller :o)

Sorry, I’m just collecting my coat…


In reply to G4AZS:
Sorry, I’m just collecting my coat…

And rightly so !!!

Victor GI4ONL

In reply to MM0FMF:

I’m hoping to activate 5 of the unactivated NS hills during the 26-27 May.

I’m retiring from the RAF after almost 27 years man and boy and rather than an alcohol fuelled dour bash in the Sergeant’s Mess, I decided a trip up some NS hills with the rest of the team was a good idea.

The activations are set to be a bonus, I’ll do my best to cover a good selection of bands and hang around for at least an hour each, but I’m limited to cw as I don’t have a portable ssb rig.

Planning to do: NS-067, NS-083, NS-097, NS-113, NS-116

If anyone wants to come along (Andy?), bring a good selection of jokes and a bottle of the local produce. We’re planning to camp next to Loch Scalabsdale.

Hope to hear from you over the 2 days.



In reply to MM0GYX:

Make a chaser happy?

Harpoon them and drag them up a hill to show them what they’re missing? Bring on the hate comments! ;)))))

In reply to G7LAS:

Make a Chaser happy?

Force some of those CW only operators to learn to use a microphone!


Brian G8ADD