Mag Loop antenna recommendations

Quick to deploy, expensive if not home brewed, bulky, requires some kind of stand (more bulk and weight), frequency agile, great when higher in a sun cycle and can take advantage of 10m,12m and 15m.

I’ve made 2,000+ portable contacts on 10 watts SSB and very happy to have a Loop in my tool chest but my go to is an LNR end fed and a carbon fibre fishing rod.

I’ve found that the setup time for my mag loop is about the same as for a dipole or EFHW wire antenna. Its convenient on small summits, or summits with lots of brush, since it is so compact. It also fits in a carry-on sized suitcase, unlike all the poles I have.

The mag loop is great to have for bushwhacks to summits without natural antenna supports. Trying to carry a pole through the coastal scrub we have here in California can be extremely difficult. Having everything inside the backpack makes it a bit easier to push through, and makes it much less likely to have something snagged off and lost.

I’ve worked my share of DX with a mag loop on a summit too. ZL and OH from the west coast, and EA from W1.

Proof that I did indeed own one of these way back when and did crazy things with it :grinning:


I think I’m going to try homebrewing a 5ft diameter loop for 17M-40/60M using the Chameleon Antenna DIY Magnetic Loop Starter Kit. Their components seem to be high quality. I’ll document the build and share the info if I’m successful.

73 Barry N1EU


and it works great on a walking stick !
73, de bruno f6hhk


Bruno, that’s what I’m hoping to do! Can you possibly give a close up shot and describe how you mounted it to the top of the trekking pole?


Chasing recently from Queen Adelaide’s hill in Windermere. I was in two minds about the Alexloop and was planning on selling it on before I took it chasing one lunchtime. I was able to fit everything in the supplied Alexloop bag, on my motorbike, and was setup in 5 minutes. Using a lightweight tripod that fits in the bag isn’t ideal as the setup isn’t very stable without guying or strapping it to something. The magloop is very muggle friendly - I feel more comfortable sitting next to it compared to the dipole!!

I have yet to pick the magloop for an activation but it will happen at some point. I think having a loop as one of the possible antennas to use is a very nice situation to be in. I wouldn’t want it over my SOTABeams Quadbander as that is so easy to setup and deploy, is broadband and doesn’t need retuning across a single band. Saying that, I haven’t activated Pike of Blisco on HF for example because the summit is rock and unsuitable for an 80m dipole so the loop would be perfect there, and next time I activate that summit it will be the antenna I take.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM.

with Buddistick clamp and selfie boom + guying
73, Bruno F6HHK




and the same technique on ski !
73, bruno


… the walking stick is the “swiss knife” for sota’s antenna …
bruno f6hhk


Bruno, who makes that selfie boom camera attachment for the trekking pole?

Thanks, Barry N1EU

it’s Buddipole accessoiries Vertical Antenna Clamp
( vertical clamp)
also available at Wimo
or photo accessoiries

73, Bruno F6HHK

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