Madeira SOTA expedition wrap-up

Our expedition has come to an end and we would like to wrap-up what we have done. First of all we would like to thank all patient operators that we have QSOed. You really made our stay on Madeira a real pleasure. We have noted two stations that managed to work us from all six summits that we operated from: OH9XX and OM7OM. A very special thanks to you! In all we made 340 QSO which makes an average of over 50 QSO per summit. OK, that’s for two people, but anyway. We are satisfied with the statistics. We had hoped to activate more summits (initially we aimed for all eleven) but the Madeira terrain took its toll, and at least one of the summits wasn’t possible to activate without proper climbing gear. Taking the special roads on Madeira into account we would say it’s hard to work more than one, maybe two summits a day. Here are some statistics:

30CW 1
20CW 206
17CW 133

Europe 298
North America 36
Africa 5
Maritime Mobile 1

Please find pictures, logs and the story at

Again, 73 to all and see u agn from another summit in the future!

SM0GNS Peder
SM0HPL Anders

In reply to SM0HPL:

Hi Both;

Many thanks for CT3/MI-001

I am sorry I only managed to work you on your last summit but my internet connection was on a go very very very slow all week and was only fixed on Friday afternoon when an ISP technician arrived with a new modem.

Luckily for me this qualified the Assosciation in Mountain Hunter for me as I had worked CT3/S57D/P in October last year.

Glad you had a good SOTA holiday.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to SM0HPL:
Thank you for so fine SOTA activation!

In reply to SM0HPL:

I was really pleased to manage to work you on a couple of the summits. A combination of work commitments and band conditions prevented me making more QSOs. I was really impressed by your operating technique which helped with the QSB and QRM at this end. Many thanks!

73, Gerald G4OIG