M6BWA is 70 cm Mountain Goat

Andy, MM0FMF, has just very kindly confirmed that the activation of Waun Fach, GW/SW-002, took Vicki’s, M6BWA, score past the 1000 points mark using only activations with at least four 70cm contacts - all FM. Many thanks to Andy for this confirmation. I think this is a UK first.

Now starting work on the next targets - separate thread to follow on this in due course. :smile:



Fantastic achievement Viki. Many Congratulations.
Best Wishes. Paul M0CQE.

Hi Vicki,

Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat from 70cm activations only.

Many thanks for the 70cm contacts and hope to work you on many more when you are in LD, NP or SS regions.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Massive congratulations Viki…an amazing achievement…great to be part of the 70cms party on Sunday. Looking forward to the next s2s and I will buy you a celebration drink when we meet up in the not to distant future :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Congratulations Vicki, that’s impressive!

Best 73

Congratulations Vicki

We did hear you briefly and then lost you before we could call in so sorry we couldn’t contribute to your activation.


Congratulations Vicki on achieving 70cm Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Well done Vicki! Looking forward to hearing about the next challenge. 70MHz AM? :slight_smile:

Mike G7HEM

Well done Vicki congratulations , it just proves that 70cms is alive & well.
Best Wishes.

That’s smashing to hear it confirmed, Viki. Congratulations!

It’s an excellent achievement and I’m sure Vicki will post a note about the equipment used to get to this point. But it’s mostly simple stuff. The major requirement is small amount of determination to have 70cms QSOs on activations and to keep having them.

Actually this does understate the persistence (and pleading) often needed for the fourth contact. :slight_smile:


Well done Vicki a very worthwhile achievement on 70cms FM not an easy band to make MG.73 Don.G0RQL.


Hello Andy. Viki’s score 1000 Points, (plus), on 70cm. and using FM is fantastic. As Rod says,“the first time in UK”. Number 1 in UK. Could you confirm her position in, All Associations? I don’t know just how you work this out, but it looks to me that Viki may be Number 8 in the World. If this is so, then I believe such a great achievement should be made public. What do you think, Andy.
73 de Paul M0CQE.

Well what a first - well done Vicki :sunglasses:

Very best wishes and good luck for the future,


Worldwide, Vicki is number 84, but she is the only all 70cms MG that I know of for sure. I don’t think anyone has yet asked for an MG award as all 70cms.

pos     call    summits points  bonus   total   average
84	M6BWA	677	1697	552	2249	3.32

Finding out exactly how many points someone has earned using only a specific band or mode is not straightforward. Well it is straightforward, but the database wont tell you that directly. So if you select 70cms the answer you get is not the number of points earned via 70cms activations but the number of points earned where at least 1 QSO was on 70cms, which is something very different.

Andy, Thanks for the info. You are always very prompt with a reply. Viki’s achievements are great. The effort and dedication to SOTA Activation on 70cm. is wonderful. I do wish that more Activators would just try the 70cm. band. FM there can be very rewarding. Alerts will help very much, as there is little Sota activity on that band just now and chasers do need prior notice, (no matter what some may think of us!). Tell us your intentions and we will be listening for you.
73 de Paul M0CQE.

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Many congratulations Vicki.

Thanks Ian for giving me the 4th contact on Waun Fach and thus promoting me to a UHF Mountain Goat - and for all the other contacts on 70cm you have given me over the years, they have been much appreciated.

Thank you also to everyone else for the messages and the help - and especially to those who joined in on the lovely sunny MG day last week. I will be writing up that activation and also a comment on my experiences since 26 March 2014 when I started to actively seek out 70cm contacts as soon as possible, but I am rather busy at present - if only getting the kit ready for a walk tomorrow on the eastern end of the Brecon beacons which should involve some calls on 70cm (and 2m) if we actually reach the top of Waun Rhydd (we are choosing an unusual route). We’ll put up an alert when we can decide when we might get there. Please keep on listening - and thanks.

Viki M6BWA