Just to let all know that I have asked the MT to close my account. I no longer wish to be associated with SOTA, the attitudes of some of its members i find does not sit well with me. Also when a member of the management team can make can make statements about people as and when they choose is yet another reason i no longer want any part of it. So to the few good friends I have made on SOTA, Cheers and I will see you whenever.

73 M6BLV John

Ps MT I see I no longer have access to some parts of the site, great! will you please delete any logs as well.
Thanks John

In reply to M6BLV:

If you ask to have your account deleted don’t complain when you lose access to it. Locking it from change gives everyone a chance to contemplate what they should do without rash actions taking place.


p.s. Don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out.

In reply to M6BLV:


I would urge you to reconsider your decision to withdraw from S.O.T.A.

Although we have never spoken, I am very often in the same pileups as your self using both phone and cw and have always found your operating to be exemplary.

Your operating ability on cw marked you in my mind as one of a number of new operators on the bands with M6 call signs who have been professional operators in the past (several ex merchant navy.

In Amateur Radio, as in life in general, there are good, bad and all the shades in between amongst our ranks.
I would urge those amongst us here to try to avoid the stereotyping we have seen used today which is an age old tool used to cause discontent and division.

For what it is worth, in my opinion, the novice and intermediate level SOTA operators I hear on on the air are good guys who try to improve their skills even though they do not advertise the fact.
I believe they should be encouraged not driven away.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to MM0FMF:
Hold on, who’s complaining, I said great, thats what I meant, great well done bravo. Not as you read it, its all about perceptions Andy and I perceive you as a bit of a stirrer. I have made up my mind that I want no more to do with SOTA, no rash decision, just my decision. Please feel free to delete my logs ASAP.

p.s. Don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out. (I think that sums you up nicely)

John M6BLV

In reply to M6BLV:
Simple reply from me.

I’ll very much miss hearing you on my SOTA activations.

Good luck.


In reply to G3XQE:
Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them very much, but I have nailed my colours to the mast and am duty bound to go down with the ship. I cannot be party to the behaviour I saw today, and worst of all I allowed myself to be dragged in. I have emailed Roger and apologised for my behaviour and that of some members of the management team.

The situation got totally out of hand and to me it appeared that some were stoking the flames, You do not expect that kind of thing to happen on a “have fun with your radio” inspired activity, it was not much fun at all. So there you go, have I shot myself in the foot, who knows, but once again thanks for the words Ken, gratefully received.

73 John M6BLV

PS I was try to keep the sailor bit quiet

In reply to M6BLV:

Hi John;

Once again, don’t burn your bridges yet, let things cool down a bit, you have put in a lot of effort and hopefully enjoyed it until today.

Believe me, if you think that was bad you should see some of the shenanigans I have seen on the old Amateur Radio Usenet user groups, I don’t know if they still exist, I must admit I don’t bother to look at them anymore but the medium seems to bring out the worst in some people.

Don’t take Andy too much to heart, he has an abrasive personality but his heart is in the right place and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has regrets when the blood has cooled a little.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to M6BLV:

i’m sorry to read about your decision to leave SOTA! it was always a pleasure to work you from different summits.

but nevertheless … when you hear me calling “CQ SOTA” in the future you are welcome to grab the microphone and answer the call.

73 de martin

In reply to M6BLV:

I hope you will reconsider. You are in my log many times and across the bands.

I have not read all the posts on the relevant thread but much what I have read is disgraceful and suggests that it has been undermoderated and should have been suppressed it the outset.

It seems to me that the SOTA site is not a proper place to make ill-founded and unprovable allegations and innuendos about the legality or otherwise of the operating practices of other operators.

I received my MG Trophy yesterday - this episode has rather taken the shine off it.


In reply to M0JLA:

I have not read all the posts on the relevant thread but much what I
have read is disgraceful and suggests that it has been undermoderated
and should have been suppressed it the outset.

Unfortunately I was not in a position to nip this thread in the bud as it started just after I had gone out to do some shopping and was already quite sizeable by the time I got back. Moderators can’t sit all day watching over the site. Three complete posts were removed along with a number of comments that were outsiode the conditions, and I can only say that some contributors are very lucky to still have posting privileges! They will not, repeat NOT be so lucky if there is a next time.


In reply to G8ADD:
Part of my reply on the other thread should have remained so that the people who sent the emails know that I will do as they ask . the original comment was to help or warn anyone to get there house in order before a visit and you can see the result of trying to help others

In reply to thread:

The trouble is that it sometimes seems that people have never bothered to click on and read our Acceptable Use Policy. Here is what it says:

SOTAwatch Reflector

The Reflector is provided as an extension of the SOTAwatch facility free of charge to the SOTA community by the SOTA Management Team (MT) for the discussion of SOTA related topics.

Posts should be appropriate, constructive, friendly and suitable for all ages.

It is a publicly visible facility and the tone and content of posts should positively represent the SOTA community to the wider world.
Moderation of Reflector Posts & Spots

In order to maintain the facility for the above stated purpose and to prevent it being degraded for the vast majority of users, some moderation of posts is occasionally necessary. A post is likely to be removed if it is:

Over argumentative
Inappropriate to the purpose of SOTAwatch
Infringing copyright

Likewise, a thread may sometime be ‘closed’ where a debate is either getting out of control or where the comments are no longer adding value to the discussion.

If you feel a post has been removed unnecessarily, then please send a message directly to the MT with whom the matter can be discussed. Moderation decisions are often difficult calls - apologies are given in advance where we may get this wrong. However, the MT’s decision on such matters is final and no public debate will be entered into. Anyone seeking to use the SOTAwatch reflector to publicly contest the removal of posts or the suspension of a user will have their account immediately suspended. The reason for this is that the resulting debate/complaining by those who have necessarily had their posts moderated often ends up degrading the facility worse that the original offence! Please instead direct your concerns directly to the MT who will be happy to discuss the issue with you.

Please note, it is rare the MT has any desire or reason to seek to exclude anyone from the SOTAwatch facility. A suspended account will normally be restored upon a simple commitment to abide by these conditions of use. However, if it becomes necessary to repeatedly moderate the posts of a particular user then exclusion from the facility is likely.

It is worth mentioning that over many years the MT has found it necessary to moderate only an extremely small number of users - as indeed one might expect from a community of radio amateurs.

The indented headings above should be taken as a check list before posting. Each of us should read our posts in the light of this check list before committing it to the reflector. Yesterday there were both whole posts and comments within posts that were indeed discourteous, offensive, over argumentative and even libellous. We have stated in the above quote that we will not tolerate such behaviour and we mean it. I regard it as part of my function as moderator to try and keep the reflector happily bubbling along as a friendly and informative place where we can learn, teach and have a bit of a laugh along the way - but unfortunately yesterday it boiled over, and one bad thread can sour many months of online fun and friendship.

I think enough has been said on the subject, let us get back to SOTA. As I have said before, we have here the double tie of the love of amateur radio and the love of the hills. That makes us a strong community of friends. We should value this.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Quote - we have here the double tie of the love of amateur radio and the love of the hills. That makes us a strong community of friends. We should value this.

I’ll second all of that! Well put Brian.


In reply to M6BLV:
Hi John,
This is upsetting and I don’t really know what’s gone on but I hope you don’t leave! I have only just got over the surprise of being called by an M6 with impeccable Morse skills. That is almost unique and I think SOTA would be the poorer without you. The good things in SOTA will always outnumber the bad. Take a step back for a while then please continue to chase our activations. We will be listening!

73, John
(G( )0OOO/P)

In reply to G4YSS:
I second that John…I think however the MT should take a step back and analyse how this started, and then how fuel got added to the fire…I think certain people on here need some coaching.

In reply to M6RGF:

I think some in the MT need to look at their own actions in this fiasco. Notice that there is a reply to a missing post from MM0FMF; why missing?


In reply to G4YSS:

I can only echo John’s (G4YSS) comments. An M6 prefix is what anyone would be given to accompany their first amateur licence.
You may well have had 40+ years of professional service as a radio operator, but as an amateur in the UK, we all must start as a foundation licensee.

This forum,is text only, & whilst it does afford us the ability to post technically detailed reports & comments, it can never replicate the feeling & understanding that accompanies a face to face contact.

I feel that given the opportunity to meet face to face, those involved in the recent sad incident would at least appreciate each others right to hold different opinions.

For the record, I have no issues with any of the operating procedures of any of the stations involved in this hopefully very brief, sad, affair.

Very best 73 to all!

Mark G0VOF

In reply to M0JLA:

And I wonder why the ‘offensive’, ‘discourteous’ PS from MM0FMF is still on this thread?

Richard mm3brr

In reply to G0VOF:

Guys, can you all hold fire on this?

I had to close down the thread - unwillingly, I might add but I felt forced - and I can see the possibility of the same discussion resuming here. The topic - or actually topics for there were two running in parallel, alleged illegal power and the stature and longevity of the FL - is clearly controversial and we all need a cooling-off period.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M0JLA:

I too have had an entry removed by the MT…I posted some home truths about the message that went missing.