M3FEH - 15,000 points on 10w SSB and a wire antenna

Congratulation to Karl M3FEH for just breaking the 14,000 point level and that on 10 watts SSB to a wire loop antenna. It shows what can be done with a good location and determination!



Thanks Ed :flushed:

Less than 2 years on various Wires antennas from G5RV to now 40m full wave loop.
And few caught on portable wire antennas while on Kitt hill 40m 1/4w vert and 40m 1/2 inverted L

All home brewed

Await day i get one on me T6M on 6 m as only been on there since june.
Moving from the Trio 120V to the FT450AT made big difference able to HEAR so much more
As had same on the loop when that first went up nigh on year ago

Determination NAH more like obsession, Was warned its addictive and they be right.

But end of day its down to those addicted to climbing those summits and putting these stations on air, with out you folks there would be NO sota and those behind the scenes on these wicked web page’s of Sota. :thumbsup:

Big thank you to you all

Next stop 15K and July has been good so far whoop whoop

M3FEH karl a very happy bunny :grinning:


A well known call sign for activators here in Europe. Well done Karl!

Well done Karl they are creeping up.73 Don.G0RQL.

Congratulations! Always good to hear you coming through!

73, Sylvia

Congrats, Carl. Nice work.

Mike, N4VBV

Well done Karl hope to catch you again soon :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

Good job Karl
72&73 de David OK4KOP

For those foolowing this thread Karl has broken through the 15,000 barrier and has ordered his certificate, while heading towards 16,000. Well done Karl.


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That is Don, not a patch on you i often hear you working them on G/w, where i can not. Be long time before I catch yo but is trying LOL


Congratulations Karl, well done, thanks for all contacts

best 73


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Congratulations, Karl M3FEH. Karl is my regular chaser. See you on the air next time …

73, Milos S57D

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Well done Karl and thanks for the contacts.

I try to chase QRP from home but often end up using the linear to reach about 25W.


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Congratulations Karl!!! Be sure that I have always a big ear for you as an activator.
73 de SV2OXS, Christos.

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Congratulations, Karl!

73, Kai

Well done Karl… I have yet to work you! Maybe manage it if I get onto SSB from a summit sometime. Will have to “sit in” on one of Paul’s activations. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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