I noticed that the RBN Gate spotted my Dad Tom M1EYP on G/WB-018 at 1612 UTC today. Please note that the correct reference was this spot is G/WB-014 as my Dad spotted himself on this summit at 1613 UTC 1 minute after the RBN spot and my Dad was activating G/WB-018 earlier today.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hi Jimmy
Yes I noticed that, I also noticed several others throughout the day. In one instance the spot was incorrect, the correct spot was then posted by the activator, only to be posted wrong again a minute or so later. It can be a tad confusing at times.

Cheers John M6BLV

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I would refer you to the recent thread entitled “RBNGate confusion!”

Walt (G3NYY)

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Cheers Walt
Thanks for that, very interesting!

73s John