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M0XRS' New Activations web pages

Thought i’d have a mess, let me know what you think.



Chris, M0XRS

In reply to M0XRS:

I’d lose the background image. It’s over 1Mb in size which takes a fair while to download and it is a little tricky to read the white text where it is against the light parts of the image. I see you’ve used Serif Pageplus to create the site, you would have more control over the style and layout if you learn to write HTML by hand, serif page plus seems to have created the site by chopping everything into smaller image as well which takes longer to load.

The content is the most important part of any site though and you seem to be doing fine at that. Have you considered linking to your activation reports from the relevant summit pages, I know I find those interesting and quite often useful as well.

In reply to MW6SPX:

Thanks for the info, Its a start and I will try to make it more efficient.

I can write a little HTML but get bored very easy;-) I wondered why it took a noticable time to load seems strange that a program for web pages would allow that(I suppose that’s not its main purpose).

Do you have any suggestions of a program to try which will make a better job? cheap is good free is better.


Chris, M0XRS

In reply to M0XRS:
Hi Chris,
Looks fine, yes, I’d tone down the background or fade it right down. Loaded OK for me though.
The BMC and AA links didn’t work when I tried.
As MW6SPX said, its a good idea to link your summit info back to the SOTA summit info page.
GL & 73
Roger MW0IDX

It’s much better now that the background image has gone; a whole lot easier to read. :slight_smile:

73, Rick M0LEP

Thanks for the hints and tips, its not gonna earn any awards but I’ve take on board all your comments cheers.


Chris, M0XRS