m0vey Shack Sloth

I would just like to thank all the activators that have helped me achieve the level of Shack Sloth since I started with SOTA in February this year. The points from Klaus DF2GN/p on DM/BW-072 this morning took me past the 1000 point milestone.
I look forward to working many more activators in the future.
regards to all from Phil. m0vey

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Hi Phil,

Well done nice to hear you got there I know on Tuesday you said you only needed 10 points, did hear you with Klaus DF2GN/P but a lot of static here he was 37 with me but the static was v/bad.

Terry de G0VWP

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Well done Phil, Shack Sloth on 07/07/07 congratulations !
Alain F6ENO

Well done and congratulations Phil,always a good signal in Devon.73. Don.G0RQL.

Congratulations Phil,
Well done !!
Hope to work u many times more from the summits…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Congrats Phil,de Geoff, G4CPA.

CongratulationsPhil, well done. Thanks for our contacts.

73 Mike GW0DSP