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M0SER, Carl 1st SOTA activation!

M0SER joined the flurry of activity (and snow in some places) in the Welsh Borders on Sunday by recording his first SOTA activation. Operating from G/WB-003 Stiperstones he faced a few challenges including the icy wind but recorded 5 contacts including 4 on 70cm thus giving me a chance of another 70cm S2S! Thanks very much Carl and I look forward to hearing you again in the near future. However I believe you will be mostly operating CW on HF but I hope you will be listening on 2m and 70cm from time to time.

I know you are an experienced hill walker and know these hills quite well but I have to warn you that SOTA is very addictive and I notice that you have already raced up the activator roll of honour. You are 510= out of 748 so you are well on the way! Best of luck
Viki M6BWA


Hi Viki,
Thank you for you kind words. It was a stunning afternoon and a pleasure to chat with you for a bit longer at the end (It certainly raised my spirits after calling for a long time on 2m S20 with no joy!).

I’ve just finished uploaded my snaps to the new Sota Blog which you and Jordan M3TMX get a small mention

M0SER Sota Blog Stiperstones

After last weekend I’d like to do a mix of 2/70 as well as a spot of CW on HF (the former being nice when there is less time or I’m working away and have an impromptu visit to a summit!)

Thanks again for taking the time to chat on Sunday - made a positive contribution to my activation. I’m off to buy a pad and box of pencils now! :grinning:

Hope to chat with you s2s next weekend! Vy 73 to you and Rod,