M0RWX new Mountain Goat

Congratulations!!! Welcome to the Herd!

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Congratulations Robert.

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Many congratulations Robert and thanks for the many S2S on the way. Thanks also for having good ‘ears’ and calling me in from G/WB-014 (Burrow hillfort) for a S2S on 2m on THE activation! Hope you won’t hang up your running shoes now and that we will have many more contacts in the future but perhaps at a more relaxed pace!
73 Viki M6BWA

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Congratulations Robert and thanks for the QSO’s and us finally working S2S.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Many thanks for the well-wishes and thanks for all your support, guidance and wisdom you shared during my stay activating in GW.

In response of some queries here and elsewhere, I activated 2 summits back in 2017 when I was first licensed (Cleeve Hill: 1 & High Willhays: 4 for a total of 5 points).

Like so many others in 2021 to improve physical health & well-being, I rebooted SOTA on July 11, 2021. As I will be 60 next year, it was a case of now or never. The initial activations helped me to hone my skills & equipment, and I recorded the first 2 pointer in September 2021.
As my fitness levels improved I was able to activate multiple summits in a day and went on activating most weekends.

It took me 288 days to record 1,000 activator points since my reboot on July 11,2021.
2,136 QSOs with 810 unique chasers.
I have not been this fit this century.

Thank you all for your support in achieving this milestone. But as I commented in the GW SOTA FB page (A thriving community for all things SOTA in GW and open to all):

“… As I got back to the car and boiled some water for a coffee enjoying the sun reflecting onto Llynnau Mymbyr, I opened my Peak Finder app as I was interested finding out what mountains were visible to the right of me and whether they were SOTA summits and if so, whether I had already activated them or not.
It was then I realised that no matter how many points I would ever accumulate, it is the journey and experience of visiting the various places along the way that ultimately is the reward…”

Whether you supported me from afar or chased my activations during my efforts, thank you.

73, Robert


Martin, Lost count ot he S2S we had.
Many thanks for appearing in my log so many times. All the best
73, Robert

Thanks Don for all your contacts!

Congrats Robert :+1:

In The ARRL Letter for April 28, 2022

Robert Wassili, M0RWX, from Wiltshire, earned Mountain Goat status for reaching 1,000 activator points in the popular Summits on the Air (SOTA) award program. Wassili, who grew up in the Netherlands listening to aircraft and utility transmissions, earned his amateur radio licenses in Chippenham and Bath, and discovered SOTA. His Mountain Goat activation occurred on Moel Siabod (GW/NW-010) in Snowdonia, where he operated on HF and VHF. For more information about the SOTA program, www.sota.org.uk.

73, Éric



Many thanks for the contacts and especially the S2S and thanks for the content on your YT channel. A great source of #SOTA related information that helped me immensely.

73, Robert


Many congratulations Robert, brilliant to have done it in such a short amount of time, thank you for the contacts along the way. :+1:

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I’d second that!

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Very impressive amount of time in which you turned this around, you must have been out almost every day! No wonder we kept bumping in to each other on the hills. :clap:

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Thanks Richard! Appreciate the comment. I wish I could have activated most days, but the knees need some recovery time nowadays… Thanks for the numerous GPX tracks and 360 degree summit views. :+1:

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Genuinely thrilled an activator has made good use of them :slight_smile: Should hit 1M views on Google Maps soon too.

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Congratulations @M0RWX Robert on this great achievement! Look forward to many more qso’s in the future!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Many Thanks Ben.
Your enthusiasm spurred me on so many times and pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever achieve.
Unfortunately, I now won’t be in GW tomorrow, but enjoy your time with @MM0EFI and hopefully we’ll have a S2S on Sunday. NW <>LD.
Hope you have a great time tomorrow.
73, Robert

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As an activator I want to know:
(a) where do I park and how many places are available (i.e. do I prioritise this summit) :blue_car: :blue_car:
(b) Do my capabilities match the difficulty of the route. T2 / T3 / T4 etc
(c) How does the summit look like. Can I put up a pole or shield from the elements in a cairn? :beach_umbrella:

Your contributions answer (b) and (c) every time.
Thanks! :+1:

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