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M0JLA/P on 21st June 2016

Hi Rod or anyone else

Does anyone know if Rod M0JLA was on a summit on 21/6/16 when I worked him from DL/AL-169 at 1138z? I am just making up my log for the activations that day.

Rod is incognito on QRZ.COM as no e-mail address is listed, so I cannot get in touch via that method to ask him directly.

73 Phil

Yes, Rod knows :smile:

Good morning Phil.

You responded to my S2S call, thank you. I did give you the ref which was G/WB-012, High Vinnals.

Hope you are enjoying your trip.

Hello Rod

Thank you very much for the information, I can now complete my logs. Yes, holiday has gone well and I have been able to complete more activations than I first thought I would.

73 de Phil

Hi Phil,

If you cannot find an email address for any person who has a reflector account, you can now private message them via the reflector rather than post a thread on the reflector when trying to contact a SOTA person.

Jimmy M0HGY


Nice one Jimmy. I sort of knew about this but never actually thought of using it myself. I need to PM several chasers who have claimed QSOs with me on our GI trip - but that I didn’t work and are NIL! I’ll use the “new” reflector PM facility.

It is also key that people are aware of the significance of the green spot that will appear screen top right next to your avatar - it means that you have received a PM.

Thanks, Jim. I never knew that before! It also drew my attention to the small blue circle with a number inside it. I have now deduced that it indicates that I have received that number of replies to my postings in the reflector! You live and learn!
There does not appear to be any user guide for the “new” reflector. There is a FAQ, but it only contains guidelines about AUP, etc. Is there no “Help” facility for the Reflector? (And if there is, how does one access it?)

Walt (G3NYY)

So you have sussed out the blue dot. Sometimes you can get both a green dot and a blue dot at the same time. Sometimes I get a red dot, but you don’t need to worry about that, it just means there is a small issue to fix.

Discourse is independent of SOTA and SOTA is simply a user of the software on a hosted platform. The software is open source and in a continuous state of development and with such on going evolution, faqs are rapidly out of date. The discourse organisation does have a faq which is itself in continuing evolution at https://meta.discourse.org/c/faq but much of that will be gobble-de-gook to most. I find that most of the questions that I may have can be solved by a google question “How … in a discourse forum?” or something similar which almost always comes up with the latest information if that actually exists.

Thanks again, Jim. Your postings are most instructive! I never even knew the reflector package was called “Discourse”, so I would not have known to search for that name. (Nobody tells us anything.) :wink:

For over 40 years as an end user of software, I have always found that the worst - and most neglected - feature of any software package is almost always the documentation! Unfortunately, software developers tend to think that the modus operandi of any package is “self explanatory” or “intuitive”. It may be to someone who is professionally engaged in software development, but it is not so to a mere end user like myself.

I am learning how to use the SOTA Reflector, bit by bit, but there are still many useful features that are unknown to me - and I’m sure to many other users.

Walt (G3NYY)