I have only just been made aware of the sad news that Pete became a SK last month. I worked Pete many times over the years when he was active on SOTA.

More details can be found at wythall radio club | Search Results | m0cop

Thanks to John GW4BVE for the ‘heads up’.

Mike G4BLH

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Thanks for passing that on Mike, very sad. Pete was a part of the furniture in my earlier SOTA logs.

Paul G4MD

Very sad news. Really nice guy Pete was, and a significant part of SOTA’s formative years.

Thanks for the information Mike,very sad news part of my log for many years.
Don G0RQL.

That’s very sad to hear. I was surprised to find Pete was old as he was, he sound young on the radio and I thought he was my age. He always sounded cheery when he chased me. A nice obit. on the Wythall club site.

Condolences to family and friends. RIP Pete.

Same here Andy, I kind of assumed Pete was a couple of decades younger than he actually was, and as such I was shocked as well as saddened to get this news.

Well that’s a complete surprise. Really sad news. I’m sure it was Pete that (for me at least) first coined the phrase “pauses for photographic opportunities” so giving credence to the times when such pauses were required on an ascent. I remember him walking to Caer Caradoc G/WB-006 from his home over the intervening hills which he said entailed such opportunities. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

Sorry to hear that Pete M0COP is now silent key. I had the pleasure of working Pete on the radio a few times and meeting him a few times also, he was a really nice man.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Sad news indeed, nice guy. Thanks for letting us know Mike.

Very sorry to hear this.

Sad news indeed.
Like many others I was fooled by the youthful voice
RIP Pete

Very sad news. Pete was one of my early SOTA contacts but is absent from my log after 2015. I too was fooled but not only by the voice - most of the log entries are me chasing him!

Sad news. Before his move to Shropshire he lived within walking distance of me, I visited him sometimes, and enjoyed tagging on to the “Birmingham Mafia” of chasers. Before Sotawatch appeared hearing Pete on the air was my alert to the game being afoot!


Sad news indeed.
I remember many contacts with Pete, accompanying John GW4BVE, on their many summits.
Peter G3TJE+

Very Sad News - As per all the other comments on the reflector, a true gent and a big advocate for 2m SSB!

Pete and I, alongside John GW4BVE were all members of the Travelling Wave Contest Group, where we managed to win the UKAC series and also had a lot of fun on RSGB VHF NFD.

A big loss to SOTA and the wider Amateur Radio Community


Matt G8XYJ

Very Sad News.
A big loss to SOTA and the wider Amateur Radio Community


Michael, DC8YZ

How is John 'BVE? Not heard him for some years.

Spoke to John a couple of nights ago. Fit and well. Sad to hear of Pete.

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